Femininity is Power: 3 Eye-Opening Truths on the Force that is Femininity.

femininity is power

The Power in Femininity is like the flower that blooms through rigid concrete. It softens its way through the inflexible and unbending.

Oh hunny! This is going to be so juicy. Feminine power is a delicious subject for me, and I love to explore and observe it in its depths. It is so subtle yet so profound. This is why “femininity,” in its authenticity, is power. It is masterful, innate, and eternal.

Yup! Our true power as women lies in our femininity. We have been convinced that the only way to wield power is in a masculine way. However, the truth is, we can wield power in a more authentic and fulfilling way when we use our femininity.

Masculine Power vs. Feminine Power

masculine and feminine energy

Masculine power is wielded by being assertive, leading with action, using logic, living within a structure, etc. This works perfectly for the masculine, but when women wield their power predominantly through masculine traits, it eventually leads to burnout, depletion, and dissatisfaction.

Of course, the feminine energy can use masculine traits throughout her life. It is necessary to do so for specific situations and for desired outcomes. But residing in this energy is not the best option for us. And that’s okay because we have our juicy, powerful, and fulfilling feminine energy to use instead.

This post is about the eye-opening truths of feminine power. If you’d like to learn more, in-depth beyond this blog post, on the unlimited power of feminine energy, you can find that in this Feminine Power ebook here (coming soon).

Feminine Energy Explained

feminine energy explained

Before we get into the vast power of femininity, we need to understand what feminine energy is. Feminine energy is the disposition of a multitude of traits and characteristics that are commonly associated with women, girls, and females across all species.

How each woman displays her feminine energy ranges, as it is more of an individual art form than it is a standard way of being. However, it is also important to note that even though the display of feminine energy can be different from woman to woman, it still has a set of indicators that are consistent across the board. We know these indicators as traits and characteristics of feminine energy.

Common Feminine Energy Traits and Characteristics:

Here is a small list of some of the commonly consistent indicators of feminine energy:

  1. Creative
  2. Soft
  3. Beauty
  4. Sensual
  5. Nurturing
  6. Receptive
  7. Intuitive
  8. Playful

For a more in-depth read on feminine energy and its characteristics, see this post.

Layers of Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is comprised of the light feminine, the dark feminine, the divine feminine, and goddess energy. Many different feminine energy archetypes fall under each category as well. Femininity is vast and limitless and this contributes to its masterful power.

The layers of feminine energy are tools in the feminine energy reservoir that give each woman access to curate specific results in her everyday life and the situations she faces. For example:

  • When a woman is reevaluating her life, she will tap into her dark feminine energy to help her facilitate her intention in that moment.

  • When a woman is with her newborn child, she will tap into her light feminine energy when she is in nurturing mode.

This isn’t necessarily something that is done on a conscious level, where we say,
“Okay! I am taking care of my baby now. So, Light Feminine… activate!”
Haha. No. It is just what happens automatically.

How to Use Your Feminine Energy Reservoir

However, in the instances where these aspects of our feminine energy are dormant within us, it can become a deliberate act. The purpose of being aware of these layers of feminine energy is to help us curate more harmony in our lives and to make us conscious of what aspects of our energies we are overusing and/or underusing.

Being aware of and understanding these aspects of our feminine energy will help us to activate and utilize our feminine power. Now that we have covered feminine energy, let us explore feminine power and what it means.

Feminine Power Meaning

feminine power meaning

Feminine power is vast and limitless. To fully divulge the meaning of feminine power, let us break down its meaning into bits.

  • “Feminine” means “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women and girls.”

  • “Power,” as a noun, means:
    • “the capacity or the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.”
    • “the ability to do something, or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or a quality.”

      Based on these individual definitions, we can now constitute that:

Feminine Power is the capacity to influence the behavior of others and courses of events through the use of feminine traits. It is also the ability to do and act in a feminine way.

This means that the power of femininity does not look like what we are used to seeing regarding power. Instead of forceful, logical, and action-oriented power; feminine power is predominantly wielded through inspiration, feeling, intuition, emotions, etc.

How to Wield Your Feminine Power

how to radiate feminine energy

Awareness and Knowing

  • Being aware and knowing how something works is the source of any power. It is the engine that drives the movement and influences its purpose. When we know, and are aware of something, we are able to deliberately focus and utilize that particular thing.
  • Knowing and understanding feminine energy traits and qualities in depth will facilitate our ability to wield our feminine power. In addition to knowing the traits and characteristics, we also have to know the right time and place to use them.


  • Embodiment is where we become the visible, tangible, and obvious form of a particular thing. Therefore, personifying the traits and characteristics of feminine energy is an important aspect of wielding feminine power.

    For example:

    • A woman who has embodied the feminine characteristic of beauty would have a skincare routine implemented, she would have a killer wardrobe that is complementary to her natural and unique beauty, and most importantly – she would have vibrated and activated her divine feminine beauty.

    • Embodying the physical manifestation of common feminine energy traits is where the power of femininity lies.

To learn more about wielding your feminine power through the use of feminine energy traits, check out this e-book on Feminine Power. (coming soon. Sign up for the newsletter for updates and weekly communication in the meantime.)


  • With power comes great responsibility. The key to having impactful feminine power with integrity is knowing when and how to use this power. Abusing this power to manipulate, control, and coerce will defeat the true purpose of feminine power.

  • The true purpose of feminine power is to empower, uplift, inspire, and stimulate our realities – ourselves, men, children, animals, and all living things included.


  • The cornerstone of feminine power is to have autonomy over oneself. Being empowered means being strong and confident within oneself. It means having control over one’s reality, emotional state, mental well-being, and physical health.

  • When we use our feminine power from a place of empowerment, it maintains its integrity and has its intended inspiring effect.

Master Your Emotions.

  • Being emotionally aware is highly important when wielding any form of power, even for the masculine. In order to master your emotions, you have to have a level of self-awareness.

  • Knowing how you feel in a given moment, knowing why you feel that way, and then knowing what to do with it in that moment is how you master your emotions.

  • When we are a victim of our emotions, we show our hand prematurely and make irrational decisions that can lead to destruction, for both ourselves and others.

3 Eye-Opening Truths on the Power of Femininity

feminine power meaning

The power of femininity has been misunderstood for generations. Traits and characteristics of feminine energy have been labeled as weak, aimless, evil, lacking morals, needing to be contained, controlled, and guided.

These common narratives have led to the feminine itself doubting its own power, purpose, and contributions to our societies and realities.

You were made a powerful being, and living in a disempowered state is doing you and the world a great disservice. Our feminine power is needed and it has a great purpose – to nourish, inspire, and activate.

3 Eye-Opening Truths of the Power of Femininity:

1. Strength in Vulnerability

feminine energy explained

In the realm of femininity, and its polarity in relation to the masculine, vulnerability is a powerful state for women to be in from time to time.

Let us now explore the definition of “Vulnerable

  • The general meaning is
    • “susceptible of being physically or emotionally wounded.”

  • In addition to that, when it comes to relationships, vulnerable means
    • “to express the sides of oneself that one feels less confident and certain about, and allowing another to witness it.”

Both meanings, the general and relationship definition, applies to the strength of feminine energy. When the feminine surrenders into vulnerability, it plays out as a strength rather than a weakness. You may be wondering how. Let us explore this with examples.

The Power of Vulnerability

When we are vulnerable, we’re not afraid to be afraid. We’re not afraid to bear our weakness in the face of potential harm. We’re not afraid to be aware of our current reality. With this awareness, we are then able to have clarity on what we truly do need in a given moment.

From this standpoint, we are then able to inspire the masculine to rise up in its own power: to direct, guide, protect, and provide.

P.S. This doesn’t speak to being vulnerable with predatory men. In such situations, having your dark feminine energy activated and ready to access is necessary.

When we are in a vulnerable state, we activate the protector within the masculine, and this puts him in alignment with his own divine masculine power. He begins to show up as his divine self, and he radiates his masculine energy in the act of protecting and providing for the feminine, which in his depths he loves to do.

2. Giving from Receptivity

The conscious collective tends to have the narrative that receiving is less honorable than the act of giving. But they have forgotten that giving cannot take place without the act of receiving. One cannot exist without the other.

And so, just as giving is considered to be honorable – so too receiving should be held in high regard along with it.

Receptivity with the Masculine

Receptivity is a feminine strength. It is embedded into, and is natural to, the feminine energy. The physical body that predominantly contains feminine energy – the female – has the signs of receptivity woven into its physical makeup.

For example, the reproductive organ (vagina and womb). It receives during the act of sexual intercourse and it also receives the sperm during conception.

  • On the other hand, it also gives. It gives birth to life, and it gives and receives pleasure. Further reiterating the fact that receiving can’t take place without giving, and vice versa.

Receptive Energy

Another natural receptivity trait that the feminine has is the ability to easily receive. The generic feminine does not have resistance to receiving support and love from another.

Between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the feminine feels more at home on the receiving end as opposed to the masculine – who prefers to give. This is the aspect of receptive power I want us to focus on right now.

When the feminine is rested in her receptivity, the masculine is inspired to be in his giving energy. This is where the divine masculine loves to be. He feels purposeful and capable when he can give to the feminine.

Receptivity with Oneself (the Feminine)

The feminine also inherently receives wisdom from within. All humans can do this, but this is the domain of the feminine. This is what we call “Intuition.”

Intuition is where one can hear and feel messages, wisdom, theories, and divine guidance from within. This is where the logical wisdom of the masculine differs from the intuitive wisdom of the feminine.

  • Logical wisdom comes from a formal, reasoning, proof-based system that is widely understood by the collective. On the other hand, Intuitive wisdom is knowledge that is acquired from within. This is where theories are born.

  • Both logical wisdom and intuitive wisdom play their highly important role. Just like the feminine and the masculine, one cannot exist without the other.

Intuition vs. Logic

However, the birthplace of all knowledge is intuition. The proof-based reasoning that exists today, started as an intuitive theory that then was tested and proven.

  • Intuition is where the divine communicates with us. What made many of the famous scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers so successful was that they were receptive to their intuition.

  • They received theories as ideas and then had them tested to become formal, proof-based reasonings.

It is also important to note that having previous proof-based knowledge also stimulates the types of wisdom one receives from within. And this happened with these famous and successful scientists. They had their logical and formal knowledge, and that opened them up to receive additional knowledge from within.

  • There is no knowledge or reasoning without the existence of intuition.

  • Like I said before, both the masculine and the feminine have intuition and logic, but from a collective standpoint; the feminine rules intuitive wisdom, and the masculine rules logical wisdom.

This is the power of the feminine trait of Receptivity, and Intuition.
The ability to be in the receptive mode contributes to the feminine’s strength to be adaptable and flexible, which are also common traits of feminine energy.

3. Sensibility in Softness

what makes a woman feminine to a man

“Softness” means to be low resistant and non-abrasive. And so, “soft energy” conveys the feeling of warmth, calmness, pleasing, comfortable, welcoming, cozy, and easy-going. The energy of softness feels like a hug from a summer night’s breeze.

When a woman exudes soft energy, she is approachable and you’ll feel comfortable and at ease in her presence. A woman with soft energy oozes empathy and understanding. Because of this, others will feel empowered to be their authentic self. Can you now see how softness in a woman can inspire strength and expansion in another?

Power in Softness

When a man is in the presence of a woman with soft energy, he can be at ease. He is more likely to be less combative and is able to rest on his laurels.
The masculine needs this escape from time to time as they fight wars daily.

It may not look like the wars we know in a traditional sense, but trust me when I say they fight their own battles daily – as do we. Because the masculine is consistently at war, he is always – at his core – seeking a haven, a refuge, and a sacred space to surrender and just be.

Softness can create a container for the masculine, or anybody, to release harshness and abrasiveness in their energetic field. It serves as a healthy reset for the other to get back to square one and garner the strength and clarity to face the world again and from a strengthened state of being.


There are many ways to reiterate the fact that femininity is power. To further explore this concept, check out my ebook on Feminine Power here (coming soon). This book covers the eye-opening truth of feminine power through the other feminine traits of creativity, sensuality, beauty, playfulness, etc.

It also covers examples and stories of women using their feminine power daily. It is inspiring and empowering; you will walk away ready to wield your feminine power too.

The power of femininity is highly profound, transformative, impactful, and masterful. Knowing how to wield your power as the feminine will make your daily life a breeze. I promise you this. I am speaking from experience. You will see the benefits unfold right before you, and it is a true pleasure to watch.

This blog post was about the Power of Femininity, how to wield your feminine power, and the 3 eye-opening truths about feminine power.

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