5 Feminine Habits that Enchant and Captivate Masculine Men

feminine habits


Feminine habits are practices, manners, ways of being, styles, patterns, and rituals that indicate one’s embodiment of their femininity.

Habits are evident in one’s daily actions, behaviors, ways of thinking and feeling, and how they usually respond to others and their environment.

Habits are formed when one does, thinks, feels, perceives, believes, and performs in a specific way consistently over time. This leads to embodiment which then leads to automation as it no longer requires effort or the need to make a decision.

Habits are actions that are second nature as they form into a person’s identity, beliefs, and reality. This is what makes habits so powerful. It eventually leads to a specific self-identity, which creates your personality and eventually defines your reality.

Developing and having feminine habits is a result of embodying and practicing feminine traits and characteristics. Consistently doing so leads to automation which generates personality.

Common feminine traits and characteristics are:

  • soft
  • beauty
  • receptive
  • playful
  • sensual
  • passive
  • nurturing
  • cyclical
  • creative
  • intuitive

When a woman consistently practices feminine traits and characteristics, she becomes embodied in them. After she has embodied many feminine traits and characteristics, they become automated in her daily life.

This embodiment and automation create and solidify her feminine identity and way of being. She is then rewarded with the magical label of being a ✨Feminine Woman

Out of the many common traits and characteristics of femininity, there are a handful that are irresistible to masculine men. When these specific traits and characteristics are embodied by a woman, she effortlessly captivates and enchants masculine men.

The 5 Feminine Habits
that Enchant and Captivate Masculine Men

What makes a woman feminine to a man

Femininity will always be an embodiment that is attractive to the masculine. This is the nature of the two, one attracts the other. One cannot truly thrive or be in its divinity without the other.

In our natural world, everything results from the coming together of masculine and feminine energies. You can read more about this in the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine post here.

Even though femininity alone is attractive to the masculine, there are 5 specific feminine habits I have found to be enchanting to men.
The 5 feminine habits that enchant and captivate men are:

  • Beauty
  • Softness
  • Receptivity
  • Playfulness
  • Sensuality

I have witnessed men melt like butter on a hot skillet when they interact with a woman who has made at least one of these 5 feminine traits a habit.

These habits – when truly embodied – are extremely irresistible and can change the course of lives, situations, and realities.

Before we dive into the 5 feminine habits that are enchanting to masculine men, let’s clearly define what it means to be enchanting/captivating.

What Does it Mean to ENCHANT and CAPTIVATE?

Both these words are similar in meaning however they have different effects.

  • To “enchant” means to attract or delight in a way that feels magical with an overwhelming sense of wonder as if a spell was cast.
  • To “captivate” means to hold one’s attention through charm and cultivating interest.

Now that we have clarified what it means to captivate and enchant, we’re going to dive deep into how these 5 feminine habits will break a masculine man’s neck the minute he sees it walking by.

In other words, how these 5 habits are found to be enchanting to masculine men.


Daily feminine habits

Okay! let’s start with the obvious: ✨Beauty

Of course, we all know that it takes beauty to attract the masculine. Whether we want to accept or acknowledge this fact or not, it is what it is and it is just how nature is set up.

Beauty opens the door. It is the pathway to many opportunities and favors in women’s lives.

Luckily for us, it is a power we have been gifted by the creator that allows us more ease and privilege in our daily lives compared to our masculine counterparts.

While some women might feel disempowered in this aspect – for they may believe they do not possess traditional/societal beauty ideals – it is women’s birthright to be and feel beautiful.

The good news I want to share with you is that if you believe that you are not beautiful in a traditional/societally preferred way, then you should know that there is a beauty that you can choose and create for yourself.

This beauty that I am referring to is Divine Feminine Beauty, and you can read more about it here. Therefore, It is divine feminine beauty that enchants and captivates men, not the traditional type of beauty.

You can have traditional beauty and not captivate and enchant men. You can lack traditional beauty but still enchant men all the same. You can also have traditional beauty in addition to possessing the power of divine feminine beauty.

The point here is that the beauty that truly matters is the one we have control over because it is a choice.

There are many examples of this phenomenon throughout time and it is a very powerful marvel that women need to be more aware about.

The Enchantment of Divine Feminine Beauty

Divine Feminine beauty exudes a special kind of attractiveness that activates the 5 senses on a whole other level. This is where the enchantment and captivating take place.

This beauty is alluring because it transcends cultural, societal, and traditional beauty standards and norms. It resonates with our deep, inner, core selves – which is our divinity.

When a man experiences or witnesses divine feminine beauty, he is – at that moment – remembering his divinity. And so, this experience brings him back to his higher self. It is like seeing the essence of God in human form.

It then inspires the man to show up in his divine masculinity. Only a divine masculine can truly resonate with the divine feminine because it causes him to become embodied in his better aspects.

In addition to practicing and embodying divine feminine beauty, traditional beauty habits are also still essential.

I’m pretty sure you have heard all you need to hear about traditional beauty practices, but for the sake of clarity we will still go over a few:

1. Wear makeup.
No matter what you think about it, makeup typically puts yards between masculinity and femininity on the energy scale.

Makeup helps you stand out more in contrast to your masculine counterparts. It also communicates that you value your beauty and that you have an established habit that enables you to tend to it regularly.

2. Hair.
“A woman’s beauty is in her hair,” a man once told me. There are intrinsic and biological reasons for this. Long, full, and shiny hair indicates health and fertility.

On an ingrained level, a potential mate will always look for this trait, hence why it is seen as beautiful.

Additionally, beautiful and healthy hair communicates that the woman habituates tending to her health and appearance. This is always appreciated by men – whether they make it known or not.

3. Hygiene.
The habit of hygiene is not just limited to femininity. It is a right and courtesy that is expected of us all.

However, compared to the masculine, it is much more expected and aligned when the feminine practices good hygiene.

If there was ever an instance when only one energy is required to practice good hygiene out of the two, it is the feminine that is likely to gain that spot.

One of the many attractions of the feminine is that it adds color, luster, depth, dimension, and life force to the world.

In contrast, the masculine regularly engages in structure, routine, aggression, and stress. Because of this, when the masculine engages with the feminine, they are seeking an escape from their aggressive and lackluster reality.

Therefore, The visual of make-up, healthy luscious hair, and great hygiene with great scents and soft touch help to fulfill this need for escapism.

Believe it or not, it can be that simple. Traditional beauty pulls masculine men in, but it is divine feminine beauty that enchants, captivates, and inspires them to invest, commit, and go to war for the feminine.

As stated earlier, divine feminine beauty is the wielder of enchantment. To embody this type of beauty, you must engage in these 5 habits listed below.

You can read more about these habits listed below in depth, in addition to 2 other habits, by clicking the link here.

Otherwise, here are the 5 habits that will enable any woman to activate her divine feminine beauty. One major benefit of this beauty is the ability to captivate and enchant delicious masculine men.

  • This is the most feminine habit you could ever practice and embody. Countless benefits and opportunities come from the habit of loving yourself.

  • Therefore, when we habituate loving ourselves, we will indicate to onlookers – on a subconscious and conscious level – the self-respect and confidence we have.

  • And so, people with these traits are always beautiful as they represent an ideal we all wish for ourselves.

  • Vibration plays an integral part in our realities. Therefore, seeing beauty and being beautiful activates the vibration that will manifest more beauty from you.

  • Accordingly, making a habit of being in your beauty and looking for the beauty in everything will result in your beauty vibration permeating your essence and your environment.

  • When we treat our bodies as the sacred temple that it is, it exudes into our energetic field. When others are in our presence they feel a sense of clarity and ease.

  • Furthermore, we must make a habit of listening to the needs and desires of our bodies, honoring their cycles & rhythms, and only sharing them with those who have loving reverence for us.

  • Sensuality is the cornerstone of enchanting femininity. To be truly embodied in sensuality, you have to be a lover. A lover in the sense that you live and breathe love.

  • This does not require you to be in love with somebody, but it means to be in love with Love. This will unlock a level of softness, receptivity, and enchantment that is completely irresistible.

  • As a result, make a habit of being sensual by tuning into the 5 senses and tapping into the love aspect of each. In all your doings and communication, lead with the energy of love in a highly irresistible way.

  • The first stage of attraction is done through the visual aspects. And so, curate a captivating appearance by highlighting your authenticity. We can do this by wearing and using items that complement our physicality.

  • Make a habit of having an impeccable and enchanting physical appearance by only wearing clothing that complements your body shape and style essence, as well as scents that mix well with your chemistry.

soft energy

In the context of feminine habits that enchant and captivate men, softness speaks to an energy that feels easy, welcoming, warm, and gentle.

All in all, it speaks to how one feels in the presence of a woman who has a habit of being soft.

Softness means the quality of being sympathetic, lenient, and compassionate. When a woman embodies these traits, she lacks an energy of roughness, rigidity, and sharpness – which causes discomfort to be around.

Additionally, it also represents the physical sensation of having supple skin and wearing clothes with smooth fabrics.

Soft energy can instill ease and lightness into an environment, situation, or interaction. This is why soft energy is so powerful.

When a woman embodies and habituates softness as an energy and a way of being, she can transform tense and harsh environments into more warm and welcoming ones.

Men are predominantly faced with aggression, competition, and rigidity daily. In the world, men are not encouraged to be relaxed and at ease.

They are mostly expected to be on guard and to be able to foresee and prevent/fix possible issues and dangers.

As a human being, we need to have moments of ease, lightheartedness, vulnerability, and just being. This is why when a woman habituates softness, men are captivated by her.

When men are in her presence or interact with her, they can have a moment of ease and lightheartedness. They become enchanted because they get to FEEL better when they are around her.

How to Habituate Softness

feminine demeanor
  • Being kind to yourself requires compassion, consideration, understanding, and acceptance of self.

  • This habit will result in softness as it encourages consideration and empathy over aggression and impatience. This then permeates your energy to be one of ease, warmth, and a welcoming feeling.

  • In addition to being kind to yourself, having compassion for others will also result in a habit of being soft in energy.

  • You will be able to see others in a more lighthearted view. This will then contribute to others feeling safe and at ease when they interact with you.

  • Love is limitless, vast, and transcendental. When you fall in love with Love, you live life from your heart.

  • When you live life from your heart, you embody a radiant energy that is inviting as it speaks to our inner divinity.

  • Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the simple magic in everyday occurrences.

  • Take note of how the earth magically adjusts itself to go from summer to fall. Witness the moon illuminated at different angles as it phases in and out from crescent to full moon.

  • There is so much beauty that surrounds us daily. Allowing yourself to see them will put you in a state of ease, wonder, and therefore softness.

  • When we understand the truth about divinity, resistance tends to leave our experience. Or at the very least, we are aware that all is truly well.

  • With this understanding, we can be lighthearted and see life through the lens of love and well-being.

  • Polarity is a crucial aspect when talking about the masculine and feminine concerning each other.

  • Once you understand how polarity works, it will become so easy to be in your feminine and rest in softness.

  • Being soft will feel like both a responsibility and a pleasure to embody and create.

  • When you are never wanting to be combative, or on the wrong side of another, it easily puts you in a state of softness. This does not mean you become a doormat.

  • Instead, it means that you seek, and prefer, to honor another simply because of humanity. And it becomes easy to be considerate of others’ desires because you have honored your desires.

  • Therefore, enabling yourself to not let interactions get to a combative state will easily activate your soft energy.

Feminine energy habits

Receptivity is an enchanting trait to experience in a woman. Its presence amplifies the natural state of a feminine being.

While both the masculine and the feminine receive and give, we each have one aspect which is our natural domain. This means when in a polarizing interaction, one naturally and divinely takes on one aspect predominantly.

For the feminine, receiving is our natural domain. It is also naturally evident in our biology.

When we engage in our most polarizing act with the masculine (sex) we take on a state of receptivity, as this is our natural physiological makeup.

Many women today are not embodied in this innate divine trait. There are multiple reasons for this that we won’t get into in this post.

But the point is that the presence of this aspect of the feminine is lacking in the collective. Because this trait/habit in a woman is rare these days, it leads to being extremely attractive to masculine men.

When a woman embodies her receptive trait, it automatically puts the masculine in his giving mode – which he thrives in.

“Women are the leaders in relationships,” said Mina Irfan, a femininity and relationship coach and expert.

This does not mean that men are inferior to women in relationships. This means that we set the precedent for the tone, vibe, and quality of the relationship.

If we (women/feminine) are miserable, the relationship will be miserable. If we are happy and lighthearted, the relationship will be fun and full of play.

Therefore, if a woman is not embodied in receptivity, the relationship will lack polarity as the masculine won’t find joy in giving. To give, receiving must take place. One cannot happen without the other.

And so, if the feminine is in a resistant state of not accepting thoughtful gestures of the masculine because she is too busy competing with him, then the masculine won’t feel inspired to provide, protect, or give – because the feminine is not receiving.

He will, instead, seek to be inspired or encouraged to do so elsewhere.

As stated earlier, when a woman is comfortable receiving, that automatically puts the masculine in his giving state.

Because these energies are natural and innate to us, this is when we feel connected to our divine state of being. You can read more on the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine here.

Our divine state is when we are in a condition of flow, ease, and feel goodness.

In our healthy and flow state as the feminine, it feels really good to receive and so this is what shows us what is our natural state of being.

When men are in their healthy flow state as the masculine, it feels really good to give. Therefore, when women make a habit of being receptive, it inspires men to be in their divine masculine.

When a man finds joy in giving to the receptive feminine, it indicates that he is in his divine masculine state, in that moment.

This is why it becomes enchanting to a man when he interacts with a woman who makes a habit of being receptive. Because it inspires him to be in his divine masculine state, which is his higher self. And it also feels really good.

They feel more of a man when they are in a state of giving. And it feels even more delicious when their giving is reciprocated by appreciated feminine receptive energy.

1. Deconstruct fears surrounding receiving
  • A lot of women have developed fears when it comes to receiving. Usually, these fears stem from ego-based ideals in addition to the concern for safety.

  • Some women feel that if they receive they will become indebted to the giver.

  • Others have taken on the narrative that receiving puts you in a position of weakness and incapability, thus rejecting any act of kindness and consideration.

2. Get Comfortable with Vulnerability.
  • Vulnerability is a pillar of receptivity. Therefore, to become comfortable with receiving, you have to get comfortable with being in a state of vulnerability.

  • It is important to note that being vulnerable does not always equate to being weak or helpless.

  • Vulnerability is a feminine strength that allows her to receive help from others more willing and capable of solving a problem, for example.

  • When you are vulnerable, you become more open and this allows you to let in help, love, care, and thoughtfulness.

  • There is little resistance present when you are vulnerable. And so, this will help you to be in a state of receptivity.

3. Become Aware of the many benefits of receiving
  • Receiving brings ease into your life. This is one of the many benefits of receiving in addition to allowing “giving” to take place.

  • When we receive we also give fulfilment and pleasure to the giver. Being in a state of receptivity also allows you to expand and grow.

  • Giving and receiving is a beautiful cycle that is ingrained in every aspect of our reality.

4. Take note of the many ways you already are receiving
  • As stated above, we receive in so many ways naturally which makes it so comical that we think that we are not comfortable with receiving.

  • We receive air/oxygen so that we can breathe and stay alive. The same with food and water. We receive sunlight and rain.

  • We receive acknowledgment and appreciation from our fellow human beings. We receive ideas and guidance from the divine.

  • We receive all day every day. Since you are already receiving, just allow yourself to receive even more by releasing resistance towards the gifts of masculine men.

5. Weigh how it feels to give vs. receive when in a polarizing situation with the masculine
  • Which feels better? giving to a man or receiving from a man. This does not mean that only one can feel good.

  • They both can feel great. But which one feels so much better, Which one makes you feel feminine, juicy, and desired? Which one turns you on more while interacting with the masculine?

  • Explore these ideas and see if you are depriving yourself of a natural pleasure. Then make it one of your feminine habits, and watch your life become more delicious as a result.

6. Practice receiving everyday
  • Become aware of opportunities to receive. When someone – whether it is a man, woman, child, animal, or nature – is giving you something, receive it fully and take note that is a gift being presented to you.

How to behave feminine

Playfulness is an extremely attractive trait in women that will certainly captivate the attention of masculine men.

It is a trait that indicates one’s ability to be lighthearted and fun – which we all value on an intrinsic level.

Any woman can develop a habit of playfulness. It is just a matter of reconnecting to our very early stages of human experience – childhood.

Regardless of the reality of your childhood, whether it was a good one or not, you naturally had the desire to play and have fun.

It was our very first set of desires. It was the very first way we chose to express ourselves and our authenticity. Through playfulness, we discovered exploration, learning, growth, creativity, joy, and bliss.

Playfulness also resonates with our divine selves. The divine is very playful and uses this medium to interact with us on the physical plain.

It is very easy to understand why playfulness is one of the feminine habits that are very attractive to masculine men.

Playfulness puts us in a state of lightheartedness, joy, and creativity.

It is also proven to reduce stress, strengthen relationship connections, and increase one’s ability to adapt and learn.

This feminine trait is a habit that predominantly conjures up positive vibrations and feelings. One can never truly go wrong with developing playfulness as a habit. It will become a beneficial resource for all involved.

Playfulness has the power to transcend all sorts of social barriers, including language, culture, and class barriers.

This trait brings people together with the use of laughter, joy, creativity, and connection on an intrinsic level. This is why having playfulness as a habit is so powerful.

It exceeds many social limitations and brings us back to our innate, authentic, and divine selves – which are beings that live for joy, and bliss, and feel goodness.

Playfulness in a woman indicates her ability to have a positive outlook on life.

It also shows a man her potential approach to her relationships and the likelihood of her being committed to win-win situations. Which is always a good trait to have when dealing with relationships.

It also gives him a glimpse of a possible joyful life he could have with her. He sees that he will be able to have fun with her, and he will also feel more comfortable and safe honoring his inner child while in her presence.

Feminine hobbies

1. Remember/Reconnect with your inner child
  • Try to remember the desires you had while you were a child. Are they still of interest to you? If yes, how can you make them a reality now?

  • Also, allow yourself to have and enjoy playfulness and creativity.

2. Understand and accept that life is supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to feel good
  • It is a good thing to feel good. Some of us grew up with the misconception that when it feels good it’s bad. That pleasure is a bad thing.

  • But if it was, it wouldn’t feel good. Follow the feelings of bliss and see where it takes you.

3. See the fun in all things
  • Have you ever found yourself laughing when in an unlaughable situation? This is what it means to see the fun in all things. There is a silver lining in everything, whether we can see it or not.

  • Allow yourself to laugh and smile when the feelings arise. Even if it doesn’t make any sense.

4. Allow yourself time and space to do things you enjoy
  • Honor your interests, dreams, and desires. Give yourself the right to explore and participate in them. This will certainly conjure up your playful side.

  • Going into participating in your interests with the mindset that you’re doing it just to do it and have fun will honor your playfulness.

5. Make creations with no expectations of specific results
  • Create create create! Don’t even think about judging yourself or what you have created. The simple act of forming something will boost your lightheartedness on another level.

  • Your creations don’t have to be on a Picasso level. It can be as simple as cooking meals, writing a poem, putting together an outfit, etc.

6. Do things just for the fun of it
  • Doing things you enjoy without any expectations of its result will help you to achieve some level of playfulness. For example, If you love writing, write a poem simply for the joy of it without needing to be market-ready.

How to be a truly feminine woman

If I had to choose the most enchanting feminine habit out of these 5, I would vote for sensuality with no hesitation.

There are two types of feminine women, and sensuality separates them both. The feminine woman who lacks sensuality is just a shell of what we expect and believe feminine to be.

On the flip side, a feminine woman who has embodied her Sensuality is the real game changer. She is the woman who captivates men and enchants their desires to be intertwined with her own.

The sensual woman has a track record to speak of her femininity. She is a true powerhouse and is the type of woman who shifts realities, policies, and laws without lifting a finger or saying a political word.

“Listen ladies, being feminine is not a game changer, because any woman can be feminine… oh, and still not be romantically desirable.
The real game changer is being a sensual feminine woman, because that opens you up to a whole new level of self mastery and opportunities for true and quality romance that a lot of feminine-looking women are praying for.”

Lebo Grand

Sensuality is an amplifier. It intensifies life, pleasure, bliss, creativity, and joy.

Once sensuality has become a habit for you, all the other feminine habits mentioned above will become a default.

To become a sensual woman, you will have tapped into your playful side, mastered receptivity, found power in softness, and owned your unique beauty.

Sensuality leads you to a fulfilling feminine life, as it is the true masterful embodiment of being a feminine woman.

To be a sensual woman is undeniably enchanting. This is because it leads to pleasure and joy. A sensual woman knows how to ignite and honor a man’s libido.

In her presence, he feels – on an ingrained level – that he finally has the chance to mingle with the goddess.

When a woman makes a habit of being sensual, she invites the masculine to indulge in a world that is not accessible to most. That very few men have had the honor to experience.

Sensuality transforms our day-to-day monotonous lives into a magical and enchanting one. It adds life, color, fragrance, and dimension in all forms to our everyday experience.

How to be a truly feminine woman
  • You do not have to have a romantic partner to achieve this. Love is something vast, limitless, and omnipresent. It can be tapped into at any given moment through anything.

  • When you love LOVE, you lead with the energy of feeling good and pleasure.

  • Allow yourself to experience each sense in depth. Take note of what smells, tastes, sounds, sights, and feelings stimulate you and put you in a feeling-good state.

3. Love Yourself
  • It is impossible to be a sensual woman if you do not have love for yourself. Sensuality stems from an intimate relationship with the self. This allows you to be aware of your authenticity, interests, and passions.

  • Through that, you can find your seduction/sensual style and wield your magic authentically and sustainably.

4. See and Feel Beauty Everywhere
  • In addition to using this tip to activate your Divine Feminine Beauty, it can also be used to tap into your sensuality as well. Beauty rules the sight sense.

  • Therefore, when you develop the habit of seeing and feeling beauty predominantly, it helps to strengthen your sensuality habit.

5. Allow yourself to indulge in feeling good
  • Feeling good is the cornerstone of sensuality. It is also the indicator that seduction is taking place. If there is no feeling good, there is no sensuality taking place.

  • Explore what helps to make you feel good and participate in that more often. It will also become an avenue to knowing your sensual archetype.

6. Be present in your body
  • Become grounded and aware of your body. Get in the habit of moving your body and focus on how each movement feels as you perform them.

  • Activities like Yoga, Dancing, and Pilates are great to help you with this exercise.

7. Nurtire your sexuality in an authentic way
  • Sex is a natural and integral aspect of our human existence. Whether you’re currently having sex or not, it is important to explore your sexuality and learn more about yourself.

  • This will surely help you to embody sensuality profoundly and deliciously. The energies you will conjure up through this practice will permeate your energetic field and increase your sensual attraction.


In general, developing and maintaining feminine habits is a great way to reconnect/reactivate your femininity if you find that you have been out of touch with it.

In the context of mesmerizing delicious masculine men, the 5 feminine habits that help women to do this are being beautiful, soft, receptive, playful, and sensual.

Using the tips listed above on how to develop each of these 5 habits will get you to a life of magic, wonder, and pleasure.

Developing an identity surrounding these 5 habits will make you an irresistible, captivating, and enchanting woman.

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