Divine Feminine Beauty: How to be Beautiful in an Enchanting Way.

divine feminine beauty

Divine Feminine Beauty and traditional Beauty are two different things. Traditional Beauty plays a large role in femininity. Whether we like it or not, it does. It is one of the traits that distinguishes the feminine from the masculine, and it also serves many purposes that leads to our survival, and thriving as women.

Beauty can either be inherited or created, or both. The inherited aspect of beauty is what we are seen to be born with – genetics. The beauty we are able to create comes from cosmetics, grooming, and for some – cosmetic surgery.

By google’s definition, Beauty is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”
In simple terms, “Beauty is anything that is pleasing to our eyes when we look at it.”

This is what encompasses physical beauty. But there is another type of beauty that isn’t commonly known to all. This is Divine Feminine Beauty, and the presence of this beauty is wholly in the hands of the woman that decides to inhabit it.

What is Divine Feminine Beauty?

Divine Feminine energy traits

Is there a difference between Beauty and Divine Feminine Beauty? Yes, there certainly are. Can they both coexist together? Yes! Can you have one without the other? Yes!

A woman can be beautiful, with no divine feminine beauty. And vice versa, a woman can have divine feminine beauty without being traditionally beautiful. And she can most certainly be both traditionally beautiful AND have divine feminine beauty as well.

Beauty is a choice. Not something that we are born with. “Pretty privilege” can kiss my ass. Because in reality, the privilege is in the result of what we have decided for ourselves.

What is Divine Feminine Beauty?

Divine Feminine Beauty is the pleasure that one experiences through the senses when they are in the presence of a woman who has embodied her divine femininity.

This means that her aura and essence are enchanting. The way she speaks, the way she moves her eyes, the energetic field that is felt around her, the glow of her skin, the twinkle in her eyes, the scent that surrounds her, etc. All these things, and more, are experienced when we witness Divine Feminine Beauty.

A woman can have divine feminine beauty whether she is aware of it or not. This beauty transcends cultural, societal, and traditional beauty norms, as it resonates with our deep, inner, core selves. When we experience or witness divine feminine beauty, we are – at that moment – remembering our inner divinity.

This is what makes this beauty so enchanting, as it brings us back to our higher self just by witnessing it in another. It is like seeing the essence of God in human form. This is the power of Divine Feminine Beauty. See the definition of the Divine Feminine here to fully understand this concept.

Every single woman can be beautiful in a divine feminine way. This begins with a decision, and then following inspired nudges and calls from within to help her materialize it. Most of the work behind divine feminine beauty is inner work because this beauty radiates from within.

Let us now explore divine feminine beauty tips.

How to Be Beautiful the Divine Feminine Way

Divine Feminine Beauty tips will be different from traditional beauty tips. Traditional beauty tips predominantly focus on the physical, surface level of our appearance.

Divine Feminine Beauty is an essence that radiates from within and then permeates all of our senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell). Therefore, we have to work on all areas of ourselves to radiate divine feminine beauty – particularly our inner selves.

There will be tips on physical appearance in this list, but before we get there, we have to start at the core. It is at the core where our divinity resides, and it needs to be acknowledged, nurtured, encouraged, and embodied to radiate divine feminine beauty.

Divine Feminine Beauty Tips:

– Embody the Most Feminine Trait

divine feminine purpose

The most feminine trait any woman can ever possess is being in love with herself. This is the type of self-love that stems from a place of empowerment, not from a place of lack or fear. There is a major difference between the two.

“Self-love” from a place of fear or lack means that there is no trust in the divine or in oneself. We can’t even truly give it the “love” label, because this lacks love. But many people tend to intertwine self-love and selfishness, and this is where this mix up comes from.

  • This fake type of “self-love” will lead to trying to control others and situations, as well as feeling the need to belittle others in order to feel uplifted. This will lead to the opposite of beauty – ugliness.

How to Love Yourself into Divine Feminine Beauty

The type of self-love that comes from a place of empowerment is what will lead to your divine feminine beauty. True, authentic, and divine self-love is a result of having nurtured an intimate relationship with oneself.

This means that you have honored your authenticity, you are aware of your values, truths, desires, and preferences. Honor you interests and passions, and participate in them as much as you can. In short, this means that you have not neglected yourself, and your awareness of self is active and fully alive.

This then leads to confidence and self-assuredness. And a woman that is confident in who she is and sure about who she is will carry herself in high esteem. This becomes attractive to all of us that gaze upon her, as it speaks to our own inner divinity as well.

In order to increase your beauty in a divine way, one of the very first things you must do is nurture your relationship with yourself, and love yourself for who you truly and authentically are.

– In yourself, in others, and all things around you

how to be beautiful

Train your eye to see the beauty in everything you look at. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this indicates that beauty can be found in all things. How beauty is seen or highlighted depends on the person (the beholder) looking at it. This can be you once you decide to look for the beauty in everything.

“How does this help with my divine beauty?” you may be asking. It has everything to do with it. For one, the law of attraction will amplify our beauty as we focus on beauty in everything. Secondly, being someone who can see beauty in everything is a pleasure to be around. It will also fuel our creativity, and how we show up in the world.

Beauty means different things to each of us. So how you choose to see beauty is up to you, but the ultimate goal is to allow yourself to always be aware of the beauty within yourself, in others, and everything around you. Practicing this will inevitably increase your beauty

How to Be Beauty, and See Beauty in Everything

  1. See your beauty. Every time you look in the mirror, say things to yourself like “I’m so cute!” “I’m pretty,” “my lips are so perfect,” etc. Do this authentically of course. Focus on the features that you genuinely love, and the list will grow over time. “There is endless beauty within you, simply acknowledging it will allow it to surface even more,” I promise you.

  2. Be Open-Minded. If you haven’t already, open up your mind to things and perspectives that are outside of your norm. See the beauty in the differences and similarities we share across the globe. How others dress, how others gesticulate and communicate, how they dance, how they speak, etc. Enjoy the diversity that this earth has to offer and let it feed your soul.

  3. Walk in Beauty. We live in a magnificent world and reality. Disregard the negative narratives of global warming and crimes that take place. They do happen, but they do not dominate the well-being that abounds.

    The sun that rises without fail every single day is a miracle. It too has its beauty – the feel of its warmth, how it changes the color of the sky depending on the time of year and time of day. The countless flowers that bloom and die by their cycle throughout the seasons.

    The moon is in different phases throughout the month in the beautiful night sky surrounded by stars and other planets. See the wonder and the magic of our world, and allow yourself to be enchanted by its natural beauty and its magical wonder. Once you do this, the world will see the same in you.

– Treat it with the utmost respect

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The feminine body (women), are divine by design. All creatures are created divine, but we are talking about women right now, haha. Our bodies carry a sacred portal. Whether it is used, fully functional, or present – we are designed to have the capability to usher in unborn spirits (fetus) into the physical plane (earth).

This alone should let you feel like your body is magical and deserves the utmost respect. Other than that magical aspect of our bodies, the fact that we are alive, our hearts consistently beat day in and day out, blood flowing through our veins, eyes seeing, ears hearing, thoughts being thunk, etc. All of these are reason enough to treat our bodies as sacred.

When you treat your body as sacred, it will exude a next level of energy that will be captivating and undeniable. Your body will also reflect health and vitality as a result, and a pillar of beauty is health.

How to Treat Your Body as Sacred:

  1. Practice Self Care:
    Apart from the usual self-care practices such as massages, manis and pedis, facials, etc – carrying your body with respect is a huge way to treat your body with care. You carry your body with care by taking a loving approach to it.

    Being deliberate with where you place your body is one of the many ways to do this. What is the environment that your body is predominantly in? This would most likely be your home; but is it clean? Is the dominant energy in your space empowering or depleting? Do you feel safe and comfortable there?

    All of these scenarios do affect your body, which essentially affects you. Be deliberate with where you place your body, how you move it, and who has access to it.

  2. Honor your Cycles and Rhythms.
    The female body is naturally cyclical, which leads to constant change. With this constant change, there is a constant need to adjust our daily actions and behaviors. For example, when we are menstruating – whether we want to, or can, or not – our bodies require rest and tenderness during this time.

    This also includes honoring our need for rest, our need for play, our need for movement, our need for pleasure, etc. When we practice honoring our cycles and rhythms, we give our bodies what they need or require in each moment.

    This then leads to overall health. Our bodies will also become more energized and resilient because of the balancing of energies it receives as a result. A beautiful essence will then emerge from our energetic field, which adds to our divine feminine beauty.

  3. Healthy Habits.
    Consistent healthy practices are a definite given when we talk about traditional beauty, and the same is true for our divine feminine beauty. Feeding our bodies a balanced diet of all nutrients, and consistent physical exercise will inevitably lead to the reverence of our body.

  4. Share It With Standards.
    Be deliberate and thoughtful with whom you share your body. I’m talking about SEX in particular. Sex is not a simple, casual thing like our current Western culture currently perceives it to be. So much happens during the act of sex. It is even said to mean “Sacred Energy Exchange,” hence the spelling “sex.”

    We can explore this thought deeply and for many paragraphs. But for the sake of the topic at hand, ONLY SHARE YOUR BODY WITH THOSE WHO SHARE LOVING REVERENCE FOR YOU.

    That should be the minimum barrier to entry to your sacred yoni. There will never be any negative results from this approach, only positive ones. This is one of the highest respects you can show to your body.

    This contributes to your divine feminine beauty because there won’t be any contradicting energies in your field as a result. The clarity in your energetic field will also be felt by others, and this feeling is inviting. Trust me, I know from experience. You will have a glowing essence, and a lightness of vibes surrounding you.

  5. Speak Positively to – and about – your Body.
    When referring to your body, only speak of it, and to it, with love and respect. Thank your body for all that it does for you daily. Your body is quite literally the casing that allows your soul to have a life experience on earth. Our hearts beat without fail, our digestive system keeps nutrients in and discards waste without any action on our part, etc.

    Our bodies do for us all day every day. It should only be celebrated, never disrespected. When speaking to your body, say words of love and adoration. For example, instead of saying, “bitch! Get up!” say “Baby, we got to go now.” This makes a world of difference and will accumulate reverence and respect for your body over time. I have personally made this change and it is a quiet power.

– The cornerstone of captivating & enchanting femininity

sensual feminine energy

True divine beauty is a result of sensuality. The deep red of a rose petal gets its richness from its suede-like texture. To look at a rose petal, to feel its touch, and to smell its fragrance is a full sensual experience. This is the power of sensuality.

Sensuality transforms our day-to-day monotonous lives into a magical and enchanting one. It adds life, color, fragrance, and dimension in all forms to our everyday experience. When you have tapped into your sensuality, and live through it everyday, your essence becomes irresistible. And this, predominantly, adds to your divine feminine beauty.

How to Tap into Sensuality

  1. Pay keen attention to how you use your 5 senses daily.
    When you are eating, how does it feel in your mouth? How does the taste make you feel? What does it make you think of or crave? Do the same thing with the sounds that you hear, the things that you look at, and the items that you touch.

  2. Fall in love with LOVE
    Develop a loving relationship with LOVE. You don’t need to have a romantic partner to do this. This is where “love” itself is the object of adoration and appreciation. Do this by enjoying the feeling that love conjures up within you. This will lead to being in tuned with sensuality, and it will exude from you – making you beautiful in a divine feminine way.

– Highlight Your Authenticity

Now that we have covered the inner work aspect, we can now look to creating a captivating physical appearance that will exude divine feminine beauty. The best way to give divine feminine beauty through physical appearance is to wear items that seamlessly complements our natural physical make up.

There are many styling systems that helps us to style ourselves in a way that flatters our natural features. These styling systems are:

  • Body Type Styling is a styling guide based on the shape of your body. Click the link to learn more.

  • Color Analysis tells you the best colors to wear to look radiant. This is based on your own skin tone and undertone. Click the link to learn more.

  • Kibbe Style Types is a styling system developed by David Kibbe which focuses on the overall image of an individual based on the balance of yin and yang (feminine and masculine energy) found within them. Styling suggestions are then made based on the balance identified within an individual. Click the link to learn more.

  • Kitchener Style Essences is a styling system that makes styling suggestions based on an individual’s natural lines of their body and face. The goal is to make styling suggestions that complements one’s overall beauty and essence. Click the link to learn more.

When you use one, or a combination, of these styling systems to highlight your physical appearance, you are bound to look captivating. This is because these styling systems aims to highlight and follow your authentic beauty. This is the best way to attain divine feminine beauty through physical appearance – by honoring your natural physical make-up and essence.

– Activate it to be in your feminine

soft feminine energy

Feminine Energy is the essence of qualities that are commonly associated with women and/or girls. Radiating feminine energy is another requirement to be beautiful the divine feminine way. This is because being in your feminine energy requires authenticity and being-ness in order to radiate it.

One of the major pillars of divine feminine beauty is being in tune with oneself, this is where the need for authenticity comes into play. Once a woman is relaxed in her feminine energy, it means she have mastered being-ness. She sees the value in who she is, and therefore is able to “BE.”

Some of the common characteristics of feminine energy are receptivity, intuition, playfulness, sensuality, etc. When a woman has activated her feminine energy; she will radiate receptivity, interactions with her will feel light and playful, her sensuality will be mesmerizing, and her connection with her intuition will inspire those around her.

All of these aspects inevitably adds to her beauty because of the all round essence one experiences when in her presence. This is how activated feminine energy contributes to divine feminine beauty.

– Both light and dark become one.

divine feminine energy meaning

After all the inner work, improving physical appearance, and activating feminine energy, now it’s time to embody the divine feminine energy in order to radiate divine feminine beauty. When a woman have embodied her divine feminine energy, she has attained a level of consciousness that is beyond that of the mainstream.

With this level of awareness, she is seen as the physical embodiment of the divine. This then adds to her ability to radiate divine feminine beauty. The Divine Feminine is the god-like expression of femininity (goddess). It is the delightful, mystical, and enchanting experience of feminine energy.

How to Embody Divine Feminine Energy

In order to embody your divine feminine energy, you must become aware of, and acknowledge, both your light and dark feminine energy. Once you do that, your essence will radiate autonomy, confidence, sensuality, etc. All of these traits are irresistible when one comes into contact with them.

  • Light Feminine energy is the aspect of feminine energy that allows a woman to show up for her family, her friends, her community, her responsibility, etc. The light feminine enables a woman to serve the outside world. To learn more about light feminine energy, click here.

  • Dark Feminine energy is the aspect of feminine energy that allows a woman to show up for herself. This energy gives the woman the sacred space to honor her own needs, desires, passion, and interests. It enables her to serve her inner world. To learn more about dark feminine energy, click here.

  • Divine Feminine energy is when both the light feminine energy and the dark feminine energy is harmonious within a woman’s energetic field. She is then able to dance between serving the outer world, and serving her inner world. It enables her to know when and how to honor all aspects of her life in a way that is beneficial to her, and others. To learn more about Divine Feminine energy, click here.

When a woman have embodied her divine feminine energy, her attraction increases because of how she is able navigate situations in her life. She oozes ease, confidence, self-worth, etc – and this easily becomes attractive to any one that interacts with her.

Quotes on Divine Feminine Beauty

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This is why I say beauty is a choice, and not something that you are born with. While there is the impact of genetic beauty, nothing beats Divine Feminine Beauty. This is because it resonates with all humans on a divine level. Regardless of what one’s standard of beauty is, when they come across a woman who have embodied Divine Feminine Beauty, they can’t help but to, at the very least, acknowledge her divine beauty.

Do you have divine feminine beauty? Do you know anyone with it? How do you plan to activate your own divine feminine beauty using any of the tips above? Let me know!

This was a post on Divine Feminine Beauty, and how to activate your own divine feminine beauty.

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