Divine Feminine Definition: 4 In Depth Explanations

divine feminine definition

There are many Divine Feminine Definition because it is difficult to fully honor its entirety it in one sentence.

Therefore, in this post, we will break down the definition of the divine feminine and explore 3 common topics surrounding it.

Below you will find the Table of Contents for the topics discussed in this post, and you can click on each to take you directly to it.

What is the Divine Feminine?

divine feminine explained

Let us break down the Divine Feminine Definition in simple terms:

  • Divine” means “of, from, or like God or a god.” It can also mean, “excellent, delightful.”
  • Feminine” means “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women.”

And so, the Divine Feminine is the god-like expression of femininity (goddess); or the feminine expression of spirituality (mostly non-religious).

  • I won’t define this god-likeness through the lens of religion, because religion is traditionally an expression of the Divine Masculine.

Another divine feminine definition can be the delightful, mystical, and enchanting experience of the feminine energy.

To further understand what the Divine Feminine is, we will explore different expressions of the divine feminine through spirituality, energy, and divine feminine qualities below.

Divine Feminine Spirituality

the divine feminine spirituality


Another way to understand the definition of the divine feminine is to explore the “divine” aspect through spirituality.

While we mostly recognize femininity as great physical appearance filtered through society’s beauty standards, true femininity stems from deep within. From this depth, we can begin to understand the Divine Feminine and what it truly is.

Feminine Expression of Spirituality

We mostly understand, and have practiced, spirituality through the Divine Masculine (religions). Action, obedience, reward, punishment, and conditional love are some evidence of masculine energy present in religion.

The feminine expression of spirituality have been predominantly rejected from religion and cast off as “witchcraft,” and associated with being secular or “not-of-God.”

  • Regardless of the rejection of feminine energy in religions, it can still be seen in a lot of religious practices such Communion in Christianity, for example.

Some examples of feminine expressions of spirituality are the use of intuition, channeling guidance from the divine through nature, and experiencing the divine through life itself.

Divine Feminine Spirituality demonstrates the unlimitedness of the divine. She shows that all is sacred and holy – in their own unique way. Divine feminine spirituality is simple, yet profound.

She is able to connect to the divine outside of religious buildings and practices. She can witness the divine in the trees, the moon, the winds, water, fire, the soil, and the creatures and humans that walk upon the earth.

The Divine Feminine understands that there is no escaping the divine. She knows that there is no need for a middleman (religious leaders) to reach the divine. We can speak to, feel, and hear directly from the divine ourselves.

The divine is in the breath that we breathe every single day. It is in everything, it is everywhere, and there is truly no wrong turn or wrong move because all is sacred.

I am fully human and fully divine. We have the power to receive visions from within. There is a bridge between heaven and earth, and we are that bridge.”

Mary Magdalene; The Divine Feminine Oracle Deck

Divine Feminine Qualities

divine feminine qualities

The second way we can explore the definition of the divine feminine is to understand feminine qualities.

Divine Feminine Qualities are a list of attributes and characteristics that indicates the presence, and the activation, of the Divine Feminine. These divine feminine qualities can be witnessed in people, animals, places, and inanimate objects.

Below is a short description of some of the most common Divine Feminine qualities; and how, or why, they represent it. You can find a more in depth breakdown of each of the listed qualities in this post here.

Divine Feminine Qualities:

why are women more flexible
playful feminine energy

Flexibility indicates movement and ease. Feminine energy can easily adjust and adapt to changes.

  • We see this evident in the female body when it is carrying a child. The womb expands to accommodate the growing fetus. Also when it is time to give birth, the birth canal expands to allow the baby to pass through.

  • Another example is the feminine’s ability to adapt to different enviornments and circumstances.

Playfulness means to be lighthearted, fond of games, amusement, and fun.

  • The feminine energy tends to reside in playful energy more than their masculine energy counterpart. This could be because of the different responsibilities in societies.

  • For example, women are generally at home with the children – which will require some level of playfulness.
feminine sensuality
divine feminine beauty

Sensuality relates to the gratification of the senses, including sexual pleasure.

  • Feminine energy, in physical form, is generally considered to be more attractive and stimulating to experience.

  • Traditionally, the feminine is usually visually appealing, has a pleasant scent, have soft skin and wear soft-feeling garments, and have a sweet sounding voice.

Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight

  • Similar to sensuality, feminine energy generally rules the senses by being more pleasant to witness and experience.

  • Additionally, the word “beauty” is predominantly associated with women.
feminine cycle
feminine creativity

Cyclical is when something occurs in cycles, and this perfectly defines the divine feminine quality.

  • The female body goes through a series of cycles each month (menstruation, ovulation, etc.,) and throughout her lifetime (menopause).

  • Every living thing goes through cycles of course, but the feminine energy rules cyclical embodiment.

Creation is the action or process of bringing something into existence.

  • Creation is considered to be a divine feminine quality because of the woman’s innate ability to bring something into existence.
  • A main example of this is giving brith to a child. Another example of the creative quality of the feminine energy is: turning a house into a home.
what symbolizes birth
divine feminine healing

Birth is the emergence of a baby, or new life, from its mother.

  • This is self-explanatory as to why this is a natural quality of the divine feminine.

  • This can also relate to creativity. For example, creating a new business is the giving birth to an idea.

Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

  • Healing is a divine feminine quality because the feminine is always seeking to make things whole.

  • A few examples of this are the feminine’s inclination to want to console a borken heart, or to nurse the flu out of a child’s body, etc.

divine feminine receiving
feminine intuition meaning

Receptive is the willingness to consider or accept ideas or things. This quality is evident in women’s biological makeup.

  • During intercourse, we receive the member of the masculine into our body.
  • We receive semen to create a baby. We also receive support and protection to create a home for ourselves and our children.
  • Receiving is a natural embodiment for the feminine for many reasons.

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

  • The reason why feminine energy rules intuition is because it is an evolutionary instinct that have served women for generations.
  • The feminine naturally consults how she feels in response to a situation rather than what she thinks; and her intuition is frequently right.
dark divine feminine
feminine connection

Darkness is the absence of light. But in the sense of energy, darkness represents the unseen, the intangible, and the unknown.

  • Darkness is a feminine quality because it rules the intangible, the unseen, and the unknown aspects of life.

  • An example of this is the womb, which is a dark and wet place yet it produces new life and possibilities.

  • This post on the Dark Feminine explores more on this aspect of feminine energy.

Connection is the relationship in which a person, thing, or an idea is linked or associated with something else.

  • Feminine energy rules the concept of connection because of her innate ability to be the glue in the home and the community.
  • Feminine energy is usually inclined to be more agreeable than their masculine energy counterpart.
divine feminine moon
water feminine

The Moon is the natural satellite of the earth and it is mostly visible at night by reflected light of the sun.

  • The moon represents the feminine because of its cyclical nature and its ability to affect the mood and motions of water and life on earth.

  • Just like the female body which goes through multiple cycles within a 28 day span, the moon goes through its own cycles as well.

  • The moon is a celestial embodiment of the feminine energy.

Water is generally associated with feminine energy because of its fluid, adaptive, healing, and life-nurturing nature.

nurturing feminine energy

Earth resembles the form of the female body in many ways. An example of this is:

  • Earth’s ability to reproduce life and sustain it over millions of years.

  • The earth receives seed and produces a new life like the womb receives semen and produces new life.
  • This is one of the reasons why we commonly hear the terms “Mother Earth” and “Mother Nature.”

Nurturing is the care for and the encouragement for growth or development of something or someone.

  • It proves to be second nature for the feminine energy to care for and encourage the development of vulnerable presenting things or creatures.
  • This is heavily evident during motherhood, but not limited to it.

  • Feminine energy also nurture their ideas, creations, plants, animals, etc.
compassion is not weakness

Compassion is the ability to have sympathetic concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others.

  • Feminine energy has the innate ability to feel for and understand the feelings and needs of others.
  • This is a hardwired ability of the feminine, and it comes natural for them display compassion.

Divine Feminine Energy

When a woman embodies a predominant amount of the divine feminine qualities listed above, she will inevitably exude divine feminine energy.

Listed below are a couple of ways divine feminine energy will show up in a woman that embodies it, or is in alignment with it.

  • A woman who is in her divine feminine energy seems, by the outside world, to go against the way things are done but still gets what she wants.
    • For example, she doesn’t do any marketing for her new business but she still gets new clients every month.

  • She embodies magic in human form, and her presence is stimulating, mesmerizing, and bewitching to those that interact with her.

  • She honors her desires by acknowledging their right to be manifested and she allows herself to make them a reality.

  • She has dominion and power over herself, and does not outsource her inner guidance to others.

  • A woman in her divine feminine energy values herself, is aware of her self-worth, and she sets and uphold healthy boundaries to protect her worth and value.

  • Divine feminine energy allows a woman to be in tune with her intuition, and it allows her to be guided by her intuition in her daily life.


When we combine these 4 divine feminine definitions together, we get to see a somewhat full picture of what it truly is.

When we understand the divine feminine qualities, and then embody and personify these qualities in our daily life, we will then be able to exude the divine feminine.

The Divine Feminine is the god-like expression of femininity (goddess); or the feminine expression of spirituality (mostly non-religious). It is also the delightful, mystical, and enchanting experience of the feminine energy.

This was a post on the 4 Divine Feminine Definition in order to fully explain its truth.

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