What No One Tells Us About True Femininity

true femininity

True Femininity is limitless, vast, and cannot be fully and truly defined in one blog post, one sitting, or one sentence. But if I HAD to give it a concise definition, I would say that…

The truest essence of femininity is to absolutely be in love with being a woman.

true femininity

This means that there is no need for women who prefer to wear pants over skirts and dresses to be ostracized from femininity. If a woman is fully in love with being a woman, she is in her femininity.

Let’s discuss feminine energy further so that we can understand true femininity.

1. What is Feminine Energy

what is feminine energy

Feminine Energy is a composite of multiple traits and characteristics that are associated with femininity. The embodiment of these traits and characteristics are what indicates the presence of feminine energy in a person, object, or feeling.

Common traits and characteristics of Feminine Energy are:


Each woman has her own unique expression of feminine energy. A unique expression of feminine energy is a combination of the different traits and characteristics that are listed above.

Examples of expressions of feminine energy are:

  • A woman who predominantly embodies the traits and characteristics of being compassionate, playful, loving, and nurturing will have the unique expression of “mother energy. Meaning she will be, or is, a great mother.
mother energy
Maternal Embodiment
  • A woman who predominantly embodies the traits and characteristics of being playful, sensual, beautiful, passionate, and loving will have the unique expression of being a “seductive” woman.
seductive energy
Seductive Embodiment

Keep in mind that the meaning of being “maternal” or “seductive” can mean different things to different people. There are multiple ways to express being maternal and being seductive.

A woman cannot be limited to having only one way of expressing her femininity. These expressions will show up in different circumstances in a woman’s life.

A woman will always have multiple ways to express and embody her femininity. This speaks to the vastness of feminine energy.

For example; a woman can tap into her maternal side when she is in the presence of children. When she is around her significant other she will then tap into her seductive side.

Women are multi-faceted beings. True femininity lies in the individual truth of each woman. A woman who enjoys her existence as a woman is in her true feminine energy.

2. Masculine and Feminine Energy

masculine and feminine energy

Femininity and Masculinity is on the same spectrum and it is a range that every living thing can be measured on.

There is a common narrative surrounding femininity that says if you display any act of masculinity, you are not feminine. This is false and very much a limited perspective on the feminine existence.

If a woman displays 5% masculine traits, this does not completely eradicate her femininity – contrary to what many femininity “experts” may say. It is important for a woman to have a great relationship with her masculine within.

Characteristics and traits that represent masculine energy:

Physical Strength

As we can see, the characteristics and traits of masculine energy are valuable to have and utilize in the world we live in today. The characteristics and traits of feminine energy are valuable for a healthy and thriving life as well.

An example of feminine women tapping into, or embodying, masculine energy:

A feminine woman will have moments in her life where she will need to tap into the energy of being assertive.

true feminine energy

Assertiveness enables us to create an income for ourselves, it enables us to set healthy boundaries with others, and it enables us to make necessary changes to create our desired reality.

Every living thing have both feminine and masculine energies within their physical make up. This combination is necessary for a healthy and fulfilling existence.

3. True Feminine Energy

true feminine energy

The topic of “feminine” and “femininity” have increased in conversation over the past few years. I find that the most common narratives surrounding the topic of femininity are:

  • “Elegant” Women, and behaviors associated with elegance.
  • How to use femininity to attract desired men.
  • Wearing dresses, skirts, and makeup.

The narratives mentioned above are indeed feminine, but they are NOT the only way to embody and express femininity.

Femininity is a very deep existence and it cannot be easily eradicated by one or two “masculine acts.” Femininity, essentially, is for women. It is for those who embody it. It is for women to enjoy and explore and exist from it.

True femininity is the conscious, deliberate, and active decision to enjoy being a woman. If a woman is predominantly in her feminine, she is a feminine woman.

True femininity comes in the form of the huntress, the lover, the mother, the sage, the mystic, the queen, the princess, the goddess, the empress, the lioness, the waters, the earth, the fire, the air, the ether, the Wild, the tame, the conservative, the exposed, the dark, the light, the life, the death, the existence.

All of this we get to enjoy and embody if we so desire. All of this is ours – as women. How lucky we are to be the most interesting, complex, mystifying, and most powerful species in the world.

True Femininity is for you to define and to enjoy. True Femininity is you! There is no need to follow a step-by-step process to “become more feminine.” You are feminine and it is just a matter of embodying and enjoying it.

This post was about What No One Tell Us About True Femininity.

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