Feminine Sweaters: 3 Sweater Details for a Feminine Look.

These details of feminine sweaters will help to make your cold season outfit look more feminine.

feminine sweaters

Details can make a sweater look feminine or masculine.
After knowing what type of details works best for you; you will be able to find feminine sweaters that are perfect for you.

Common details that make an item feminine – or not – are colors, fabric, necklines, and fits/silhouettes. We will cover each of these details in this post, and how you can decide which ones are best for you.

Look for these 3 feminine sweater details to create a feminine look.

Our femininity is not dependent on what we wear. It stems from deep within, and our appearance is just a projection of that – not the source.

This post will give you 3 details to look for in a sweater to create a feminine look.

3 Feminine Sweater Details:

1. Feminine Sweaters Colors, Fabric, & Textures

Everything around us has a gender aspect to it, or a gender association. Some things have an equal distribution of masculine and feminine which makes them gender-neutral or unisex.

In the case of Feminine Sweaters, we want to focus on feminine colors and feminine fabrics & textures.


pretty feminine sweaters

A normal and basic sweater can become ultra-feminine by simply choosing the right color.

Feminine sweaters can be in colors that are associated with femininity; or they can be in colors that complements your skin tone.

Feminine Colors

The most common feminine color we know is pink.

pink sweater
cute sweaters for women
vintage sweaters

Colors red, yellow, orange, purple, and green are sometimes associated with femininity. These colors are also mostly considered to be unisex colors.

knit sweaters
vintage sweaters
cute sweaters for women
trendy womens sweaters
pretty feminine sweaters

Colors that Complement your skin tone.

Wearing colors that complement our skin tone highlights our natural beauty. Tapping into our innate natural beauty is a very feminine thing to do.

Blue is commonly associated with masculinity. If blue is a color that complements your skin tone, it will look feminine on you.

To know what colors best suits your skin tone, schedule a Color Analysis consultation with a professional Image Consultant. You can google to find one close to you. There are online consultation options available as well.

You can see an example of a Color Analysis in the video clip below.

A clip from my Color Analysis.

After the consultation, you will walk away with a packet of colors that complements your skin tone. You can see what a color packet looks like in the video attached below.

My Color Packet of all the colors that complements my skin tone. I can shop with this in hand.

After your Color Analysis, you will be able to buy sweaters in your best colors. Wearing sweaters in your best colors will help to create an effortless feminine look.


feminine fabrics

Fabric and textures can carry feminine, masculine, and unisex elements to it. Feminine fabrics and textures will resemble elements and aspects that are associated with femininity.

Fabric and textures that are soft, flexible, has luster and shine, and have ruffles and frills. Fabrics for feminine sweaters are:




feminine knits
feminine velvet
cotton sweater fabric

Shop this sweater below:

Shop this sweater below:



Synthetic Blends

jersey knit sweater
wool sweater women
knit sweaters womens

2. Best Sweaters for Your Body Type

The easiest way to create a feminine look with sweaters are to wear ones that complement your body type.

Wearing sweaters that complement our body type highlights our natural beauty. This will inevitably create a feminine look.

Here are a list of sweaters that are best for each of the body types:

Best Sweaters for Rectangle Body Shape

best sweaters for rectangle body shape
  • Relaxed Fits, Curved Details, and Chunky knits will help to soften the squarish silhouette.
  • Bold Fabrics & Patterns and Varying Stripes will add volume and interest to the upper body. This will create a curving effect to the rectangle body.
  • Below-The-Hip length will take attention away from the squarish waist, and allow you to create curves on the body.

Best Sweaters for Inverted Triangle Body Type

sweaters for inverted triangle body shape
  • Sweaters with Simple Details and Fine Knits to avoid the bulk that sweaters usually add to the upper body.

  • Sweaters with Hip Details adds volume and interests to the lower body. These details will create visual balance on the Inverted Triangle body.
  • Straight cut and Slim fit sweaters will accentuate the Inverted Triangle shape.

  • Fine Knit sweaters are thin enough to complement the Inverted Triangle body type. Thicker knits will add volume to the upper body.

Best Sweaters for Hourglass Body Type

sweaters for hourglass shape
  • Lightweight, Form Fitting, and Belted sweaters will highlight the natural silhouette of the Hourglass body.

  • Sweaters with Hip & Shoulder Details will exaggerate this body’s curves without it being too much.

Best Sweaters for Pear Body Type

sweaters for pear shaped body
  • Hip-Bone Length sweaters will help to balance out the wider lower body on the Pear body type.

  • Chunky, Loose, and Horizontal Stripe sweaters will add volume to the upper body. This will balance out the wider hips.

  • Mid-Thigh length sweaters, in loose fits, skims over the lower body giving a flattering fit.

Best Sweaters for Apple Body Type

sweaters for apple shape
  • Open Cardigans and Draped Style sweaters are loose enough to be flattering on the Apple body type.

  • Sweaters that are Below-Hip Length elongates this silhouette and skims nicely over the lower body.

  • Sweaters in Simple Styles will flatter this body type without drawing attention to the midsection.

3. Feminine Sweaters with the Best Necklines for your Body Type

Specific necklines can help with your feminine look. There are necklines that can make your shoulders look wider or narrower. Some necklines can highlight your bust or conceal them.

There are necklines that complement each specific body type. Watch this YouTube video on the Lists of Best Necklines for your Body Type here to learn more.

An easy way to create a feminine look is to select sweaters with necklines that suit your body type.

Below is a list of best necklines for each body type. After going through it, you will be well on your way to creating a feminine look.

Best Necklines for Rectangle

For rectangle body types, their best necklines depends on their styling goals. Their styling goal could be to create curves or to accentuate the natural silhouette.

Necklines that Creates Curves

rectangle body shape neckline
  • Scoop and Cowl necklines are great choices to create curves on the rectangle body type.

  • Wide V, Sweetheart, Off-the-Shoulder, and Embellished necklines opens up the chest area and draws the attention to the upper body.

Necklines that Accentuate the Natural Silhouette

rectangle body shape neckline
  • Turtleneck, Mandarin, Crew, Funnel, Halter, and Bateau necklines helps to maintain the natural silhouette of the rectangle body type.

Best Necklines for Inverted Triangle

necklines for inverted triangle
  • Deep Scoop, Deep V, and the U-Necklines narrows the broad shoulders on the Inverted Triangle body type.

  • The Halter and Asymmetric necklines breaks up the chest vertically making it appear more narrow.

Best Necklines for Hourglass Body Type

necklines for hourglass figure
  • Scoop, V-Neck, Square, and Sweetheart necklines help to maintain the natural silhouette of the Hourglass body type. They are neither widening or slimming.

  • The Square and Off-the-Shoulder necklines will highlight the bust area.

Best Necklines for Pear Body Type

necklines for pear shaped body
  • Off-the-Shoulder, Square, and Bateau necklines widens the upper body and balances it with the wider lower body.

  • Cowl and Embellished necklines adds visual volume to the upper body, and brings the attention upwards.

  • Embellished necklines are big collars, lace trims, ruffles, jewels, and embroidery around the neck.

Best Necklines for Apple Body Type

clothing for apple shapes
  • V-Neck, Scoop, Square, and Strapless necklines helps to create visual separation between the bust and tummy, and take attention away from the midsection.

  • The Sweetheart neckline highlights the chest area and pulls the eye upward away from the midsection.

Feminine Sweater Outfit Inspo:

feminine cardigan
Pink Sweater
trendy womens sweaters
Embellished Neckline Sweater
feminine sweaters
Form Fitting Sweater
cute sweaters for women
Light Blue Sweater
pretty feminine sweaters
Fine Knit Sweater
feminine cardigan
Cropped Sweater

This post was about 3 Feminine Sweater details that will help to create a feminine look.

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