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Feminine Jeans: 5 Tips to Make Your Jeans Outfit Feminine.

You love wearing jeans, and you want to elevate your outfit to be more feminine? These feminine jeans tips will help you do just that.

how do i make my jeans look feminine

The key to achieving a feminine look, or a feminine outfit, is to include elements that are exclusive to, or predominantly represents femininity.

Jeans are commonly worn by both men and women, so when wearing them, it is key to incorporate one or more of these tips to your jeans outfit to make it distinguishably feminine.

Common feminine elements are: flexibility, softness, colors, playfulness, sensuality, etc – just to name a few.

Just a reminder, our femininity is not limited to what we wear. Our femininity stems from deep within, and our appearance is just a projection of that – not the source.

This post will give 5 tips to make your jeans outfit distinguishably feminine.

5 Feminine Jeans Tips:

1. Wear Jeans that Complement Your Body Type/Shape

what jeans flatter my body type

The first tip is to wear jeans that complements your body type. Wearing the right jeans can make you look absolutely fabulous with very little effort.

Wearing the wrong jeans can make you look ill-shaped and unbalanced. In the video linked below, you will find a list of best jeans for each body type and an explanation as to how they are complementary.

Lists of best jeans for your body type

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a steadfast rule. This list is a guide that will help you select, or consider, items of clothing that will most likely work for you.

You may find that some of the best jeans listed for your body type may or may not work for you. Or, jeans that are said to not work for your body type do work for you.

Disregard the suggestions that do not suit you, and implement the ones that do. There are always exceptions.

Wearing clothing that complements our body type enables us to look our best effortlessly, and feel comfortable in our outfit.

Feeling comfortable in our clothing will cause us to feel confident. And we all know confidence is what carries the weight of an amazing look.

If you are not sure what your body type is, refer to this article to help you determine what it is.
Or use this body shape calculator to input your measurements and it will generate your body type.

If you already know your body type, and you don’t want to leave this page, here is a quick overview of the best jeans for your body type:

Best Jeans for Rectangle Body Type/Shape:

best jeans for rectangle body shape
  • Jeans with Low or Mid-Rise waist
  • Jeans with Embellishments around the hips and butt areas
  • Flared
  • Bootcut
  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Straight
  • Wide-Leg

Best Jeans for Inverted Triangle Body Type/Shape

jeans for inverted triangle
  • Bootcut
  • Baggy
  • Boyfriend
  • Flared
  • Wide Leg
  • Straight
  • Slim

Best Jeans for Hourglass Body Type/Shape

best jeans for hourglass
  • Jeans with Mid or High-Rise waists
  • Skinny
  • Slim
  • Straight
  • Bootcut
  • Flared
  • Wide-Leg

Best Jeans for Pear or Triangle Body Type/Shape

Best Jeans for Pear Shape
  • Jeans with Mid or High-Rise Waists
  • Jeans in darker colors; or clean and simple lines/details
  • Straight
  • Bootcut
  • Flared
  • Wide-Leg

Best Jeans for Apple or Oval Body Type/Shape

best jeans for apple shape
  • Jeans with Mid-Rise waist
  • Jeans with detailed back pockets and/or embellishments on the front pockets or hip seam.
  • Bootcut
  • Flared
  • Wide-Leg
  • Boyfriend
  • Straight

2. Wear Blouses or Tops that Have Feminine Elements

feminine tops to wear with jeans

Opt for tops that highlight the aspects of femininity, and have feminine elements.

These aspects and elements are softness, flexibility, movement, unrestricted, curves, feminine colors, playfulness, sensuality, and more.

In this section, you will find a list of types of tops that are considered to be feminine based on their silhouettes, fit, necklines, fabric, colors, and more.

For more on feminine tops, check out this post on Feminine Tops here to see and understand more.

Here is a quick overview on the type of tops that are considered feminine, and will elevate any jeans outfit.

Click on the images below to shop these tops, and see more details.

(i). Feminine Necklines:


feminine tops to wear with jeans

Deep V

how to dress up jeans


what kind of tops to wear with jeans

These are a few examples of feminine necklines. There are many more, and you can see them listed in this blog post, Feminine Tops, to get a full picture.

These necklines helps to highlight the décolleté area. Showing this area of the body is mostly a feminine trait, and rarely a masculine one.

Wearing tops with these necklines will easily add femininity to your look.

The first picture from the left is a black sweetheart neckline top from Shein, the second photo is a deep V-neckline top from Lulus, and the final image is a white Halter neckline top from Shein.

(ii). Feminine Silhouettes/Fits


tops to wear with jeans for going out


cute tops to wear with jeans


how to dress up jeans

These are 3 of the many examples of feminine silhouettes/fits. You can see more listed in this blog post, Feminine Tops, to get a full picture.

The silhouette of a top can affect the visual shape of the wearer’s body.

Silhouettes that mimics curves are some of the most feminine fits you can find.

It is possible to wear boxy styled clothing and still look feminine. However, the result all depends on your body type.

The wrap silhouette has draping which suggest fluidity, movement, and softness – all of which are feminine aspects. This silhouette typically highlights, or defines, the waist and chest area.

The fitted silhouette highlights the waist and natural curves of the body; this is something masculine energy usually stays away from.

The silhouette on peplum tops helps creates curves and movement to the wearer’s body. This makes it a highly feminine top.

(iii). Feminine Sleeves


puff sleeve tops


flutter sleeve blouse


long sleeve shirt with jeans

These are 3 of the many examples of feminine sleeves. You can see more listed in this blog post, Feminine Tops, to get a full picture.

Sleeves can affect the shape and width of your shoulders, and it can draw attention to and away from your chest area.

Long sleeves can affect your hip area as well. If they are flared around the wrist, they will make your hips appear wider.

Puff Sleeves are one of the most feminine sleeves you can find. It is mostly associated with being girly, as it is commonly seen on little girl dresses and on Disney princesses’ dresses.

They were glorified in the 80s – which was “The Queen Era,” and they represent feminine power. They are the feminine counterpart to shoulder pads, which came into emergence with the Power Suit.

The Power Suit phase was an attempt to infiltrate masculinity, as this was the only way women could have some level of freedom and independence at the time.

Flutter and Bell sleeves are fluid, soft, and flexible – which are all feminine traits. They resemble the wings of a butterfly, which suggests freedom and transformation, all of which the feminine energy predominantly embodies.

(iv). Feminine Fabrics


tops to wear with jeans for going out


chiffon top styles


how to dress up jeans

These are 3 of the many examples of feminine fabrics. You can see more listed in this blog post, Feminine Tops, to get a full picture.

Feminine fabrics are those that embody feminine traits in touch and look.

A great way to determine if a fabric is feminine is to ask, “Does this feel and/or look soft, flexible, fluid, smooth, playful, sensual, etc?”

For a feminine look and feel, we want it to be the opposite of hard, rigid, stiff, structured, and coarse. These are considered masculine aesthetics.

Silk is a natural fiber and it is smooth and soft on the skin. It has a shiny finish which usually gives off a glam and flashy appearance – both feminine traits. Its fabric is flexible which makes it perfect for draping around curves.

Chiffon is a lightweight fabric which is sheer and has a luster appearance. It is mainly used for evening dresses, flowing skirts, romantic and feminine tops. This fabric is rarely used for masculine clothing.

3. Wear Heels, Flats, and Sandals

jeans with heels

An easy way to elevate your jeans outfit, or to make it more feminine, is to wear heels, flats, or sandals.

If you’re a sneakers kind of woman, you can offset wearing sneakers by implementing the other tips mentioned in this post.

Just a reminder, our femininity is not limited by what we wear. Our femininity stems from deep within, and our appearance is a projection of that – not the source.




jeans with sandals
Jeans with Sandals
jeans with heels outfit
Jeans with Heels
jeans with flats
Jeans with Flats

4. Accessorize

feminine jeans outfit

Accessories are an easy way to completely transform a look.

Wearing jewelry, carrying purses, and throwing on scarves or hats are a great and easy way to add femininity to your jeans outfit.

5. Grooming: Hair, Make-Up, and Nails

feminine fit
how to dress girly but casual

Our grooming will pull our entire look together in perfect feminine harmony.

Wearing a full outfit with little to no grooming can make us look like we’re in the fitting room trying on an outfit for a future event.

Even on the most casual days, grooming can make or break your look.

If you have on a tee with jeans and sandals, and your hair, make-up, and nails are done – you will look fabulous and will effortlessly turn heads.

Your make-up doesn’t have to be full-glam on an everyday basis. It can be natural make-up with no foundation. Just a little dust here and there to highlight your features.

The same with your hair and nails. If your nails aren’t done – which is natural – having it clean and shaped evenly is considered well groomed.

And your hair only needs to be neat by your individual standard. Neat hair is relative, and I have learned that we each have hairstyles that brings out our natural beauty effortlessly.

Go with what works for you, and let your natural beauty shine through.

Feminine Jeans Outfit Inspo

Here are some feminine jeans outfit looks based on the tips given in this post. Comment you favorite look, and enjoy!

how to dress girly but casual
Linen Wrap Blouse and Heels
how do i make my jeans look feminine
Silk Wrap Blouse with Heels
how to dress girly but casual
Silk Blend Peplum top with Strappy Sandals
feminine fit
Chiffon Peplum Blouse with Heels
feminine tops to wear with jeans
Pink Fitted Top with Flats
how to dress girly but casual
White Peplum Top with Flats
feminine style
Fitted Sweater and shawl with Heeled Boots

This post was about 5 styling tips that will add femininity to your jeans outfit.

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