Goddessie is a sisterhood of women who, or who are ready to take full ownership of their life and reality in every single aspect. The topics that Goddessie will cover encompasses the domains of women: 

The Divine Feminine

The spiritual aspect of femininity. Femininity goes deep beyond the surface level of physical senses. While the physical aspects are essential indicator of femininity. The true essence of femininity are intangible. And it is the source physical femininity. 


Femininity is the tangible aspects we can experience. A woman’s voice, how she walks, her signature scent, her physical appearance, how she lights up a room when she enters it. We will explore how we can tap into these natural skills that will inevitably improve our everyday reality.

Feminine Style

This needs its own section, because there is so much that goes into a person’s style. And most importantly, there are more than one way to express femininity through out clothing. Elegance, dresses, and sensuality are the most common ways – but they are certainly not the only way. We will explore the many ways each woman can express her feminine style that unique and authentic to her. One important trait of the feminine is authenticity.


In the last 1000s of years, we’ve been indoctrinated with spiritual beings in the masculine form. While they are very much true and necessary to know, I think we are now at a time where the feminine spiritual beings become household names.

Where there is a Jesus, there is a Mary Magdalene
Where there is a Mohammed, there is a Fatima

Have you ever heard about the stories of the ladies? The legacy they have left? The impact they made on the religions we have been indoctrinated in?

While this is not a religious blog, I do believe heavily in learming the stories of these women. They have a way of inspiring our moder life in ways that will surprise you.

In this category, we will explore the lives and stories of Divine Feminine Beings we may or may not have heard about. These ladies will come from many religious backgrounds and beyond.

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