sacred feminine books

6 Powerful Sacred Feminine Books Every Woman Should Read

sacred feminine books

She picked up these sacred feminine books on a whim, not knowing they would redefine her understanding of feminine power. They transformed how she saw herself, and she became a force to be reckoned with.

‘She’ is me. I am ‘she.’ Many sacred feminine books have transformed my understanding of the power of femininity. They have guided me through the early stages of my journey and will do the same for you.

In this post, I share a list of 7 books you can use to access powerful transformations that will guide you through the reclamation of your feminine power and the awakening of your natural divinity.

These sacred feminine books will encourage you to respect, honor, and appreciate yourself as a woman.

7 Powerful Sacred Feminine Books:

1. Goddess Wisdom Made Easy by Tanishka

best divine feminine books

Goddess Wisdom Made Easy is a great introduction to the Divine Feminine.

One main thing I gained from this book is the reverence, honor, and respect I now have for my body. It changed how I carried myself, which improved what I attracted into my life.

Goddess Wisdom Made Easy by Tanishka
Page 22 of my copy of Goddess Wisdom Made Easy.

Thousands of years ago, the beliefs and traditions were to worship the Goddess (the feminine). This is a stark contrast to today’s religious God (the masculine), and its patriarchal beliefs and traditions.

The author, Tanishka, gives an in-depth timeline of how the world transitioned from worshipping the Goddess to worshipping God.

This point of view highlights the sacredness of the feminine form, its energy, and its aspects. After reading this, you will have a deeper respect and appreciation for yourself as a woman.

This book features the stages of the feminine journey. It talks about how we can transition through each stage by using the rituals and exercises provided in the book.

This is a great read for those who are beginning the journey to embody their divine feminine and Goddess essence. Additionally, It will be more impactful for those who have been on their journey for a while.

This was my very first sacred feminine book, and it gave me a great starting point in fully understanding the divine feminine.

After 6+ years on my divine feminine journey, I have gained more insights from reading this book again.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Lady Balls book. Review these quotes and decide if their contents are what you need to help you on your sacred feminine journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • “The reclamation of ancient feminine wisdom and sacred customs mark the ‘third wave’ of feminine emancipation worldwide.”

  • “The truth is, every woman is a Goddess – once she understands that she’s inherently divine by design. When we make this shift within our psyche, we start honoring ourselves accordingly – in our choices.”

  • “The Goddess tradition sees everything as inherently divine. It encourages us to identify the blessings in every situation. The focus is on attaining personal mastery through self-awareness, so rather than seeking to please an external deity, we fulfill our divine potential through self-inquiry and observation.”  

  • “Because of the sexist conditioning of male-dominated society, the harmonious male-and-female spirit of all early tradition has been lost, so that generation of the male deity is now called ‘religion,’ whereas veneration of any feminine aspect is called a ‘cult’ 

2. Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce

I am currently reading this book, and I am already moved by it. This book focuses on women’s monthly cycle from menstruation to menopause.

We have been indoctrinated – directly or indirectly – to be at odds with our feminine bodies and their cycles.

It has been cast aside as an inconvenience, something to be ashamed of, or what makes us inferior to that of our male counterparts.

The opposite is true. Our cycles are sacred, powerful, and divine. It holds great wisdom and knowledge that correlates to nature itself. It is what makes us uniquely WOMEN.

“Part of learning the art of being a woman is learning to honor each element of our cycles and ourselves”

– Moon Time by Lucy H. Pearce

This sacred feminine book will encourage and inspire you to make space for your cycles, and honor them with reverence.

I consistently practice honoring my cycles in many ways. For example, I always call out sick from work whenever my cycle falls on a work day.

Regardless of the fact that I work from home, I choose to honor my cycles by giving my body space and time to just be.

I am a woman. That is all I can be. That is all I desire to be.

– Tiffany Luuna of Goddessie

3. Lady Balls

what is the sacred feminine

This book is the inner work bible authored by the inner work queen, Mina Irfan. I’ve followed Mina Irfan for years on YouTube and her content is golden. She has embodied self-work and started to share it with her community.

Her story is one of resilience and overcoming all possible limitations and roadblocks a woman could ever face in this lifetime. The result? A happy, fulfilling, and delicious life.

This book will guide you through your inner work journey regardless of any limitations you may have encountered or are currently facing. This book shares steps and exercises to deprogram false and limiting beliefs that get in the way of women living their best lives.

Lady Balls will help you connect to your sacred feminine self by helping you go within. It will help you face yourself and all the hidden aspects keeping you from living your successful reality.

I have not yet finished the book, but knowing the author and her content, I know it will be life-changing for those of you at the beginning of your feminine empowerment journey.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Lady Balls book. Review these quotes and decide if their contents are what you need to help you on your sacred feminine journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • All the feminine desires of our heart are a necessary component to helping the Universe expand. Our desires create worlds! 

  • “My desires and pleasures are my gift to humanity”

  • Feminine energy is the more luxurious energy as it is only present in both men and women under certain conditions. 

  • Nothing works when we are depleted, empty, and tired. Without us, our men become lost and our children become anxious. 

4. Seductress

dark feminine books

This is my favorite sacred feminine book so far. I love how activating it has been for me. 

Seductress has empowered me to understand and own my intrinsic value as the feminine in relationship to the masculine. 

The author goes into the natural sovereignty of the feminine and encourages her readers to reclaim our supreme position. 

She further empowers women to reframe their limited view of being a seductive woman, as it requires way more to seduce than what we have been conditioned to believe. 

While, yes, the dumb blonde bombshell does have the capacity to seduce men, she argues that this archetype is just a Hollywood trope. This is because in the real world, throughout the times, women who ravished the world with their seductive powers do not resemble the dumb blonde bombshell type. 

Instead, they are older women, artists, intellectuals, politicians, and…. ughy women.

This book has empowered me to own my strengths and not let my weaknesses overshadow my intrinsic value as a woman. 

Just being a woman alone gives us an edge in the mating field. Seductress will empower you to own your womaness in your unique way, and let it be your significant seductive power.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Seductress book. Review these quotes and decide if this book is what you need to help you on your sacred feminine journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • Seductresses evoke the goddess, mankind’s first love object, and replicate her Seductive Way.

  • Men in their libidinal depths, want a divinity to serve and adore and a replay of the sexual themes that arose through goddess worship. They want to be sent to paradise – bowled over, transfigured, and reborn. 

  • This (seduction) isn’t the work of a day, but a sophisticated, complex art form that requires, besides self-drama, “extreme tact, skill, causation, and care.” 

  • Seduction aids and abets individual growth and ambition. We’re meant to prevail in sexual relations and cash in our full gender payoff: erotic primacy and combined success in love, work, and life. 

5. Goddess In Every Woman

divine feminine energy books

Goddesses In Everywoman is a great book to help you authentically connect to your sacred feminine.

We hear a lot about one ideal way to be feminine. But this book highlights that every woman is different and has different drives and motivations. And that is just right as it should be.

This book highlights the different types of goddesses, their archetypes, their driving forces, and how their strengths and weaknesses manifest depending on their family and environment. 

This book reminds us that for us to be in our sacred feminine state, we must honor our authentic self, even if this ‘self’ is not commonly considered to be “feminine” 

The author uses the Greek goddesses, their stories, and personalities to archetype different types of women. It is in service to help women understand themselves better by using these different goddesses as a guide. 

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Goddesses in Everywoman book. Review these quotes and decide if this book is what you need to help you on your sacred feminine journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • knowledge of the “goddesses” provides women with a means of understanding themselves and their relationships with men and women, with their parents, lovers, and children. 

  • what is fulfilling to one type of woman may be meaningless to another, depending on which “goddess” is active. 

  • By the time, a little girl is two or three years old, she already shows qualities typical of particular goddesses.
    • The compliant little girl who is quite content doing whatever her mother wants. It’s very different from the little girl who is ready to take off on her own to explore the neighborhood – as different as Persephone and Artemis.

  • goddesses can be imagined and then invoked. It is possible to “invoke” that goddess, by consciously making an effort to see, feel, or sense her presence – to bring her into focus through the imagination – and then ask for her particular strength. 

6. Why Men Love Bitches

dark feminine books

Why Men Love Bitches encourages women to activate and use their dark feminine energy. The dark feminine is an important aspect of the sacred feminine.

This aspect of sacred femininity supports women in preserving their well-being and empowering their authenticity. In particular, Why Men Love Bitches helps women to value themselves when interacting with their masculine counterparts.

Our dark feminine energy is a crucial element in our sacred femininity. For us to be in our sacred feminine, we must have all aspects of femininity active and within reach. This includes our dark feminine energy.

With this, we can balance showing up for others with showing up for ourselves. This is why I recommend the Why Men Love Bitches book as one of my favorite sacred feminine books for you to read.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the Goddesses in Everywoman book. Review these quotes and decide if this book is what you need to help you on your sacred feminine journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • The bitch is an empowered woman who drives tremendous strength from the ability to be an independent thinker, particularly in a world that still teaches women to be self-abnegating (the denial of one’s interests in favor of the interests of others)

  • The biggest variable between a bitch and a woman who is too nice is fear. The bitch shows that she’s not afraid to be without him. 

  • If the choice is between her dignity and having a relationship, the bitch will prioritize her dignity above all else.

  • She knows what she wants and won’t compromise herself to get it. But she’s feminine, like a Steel Magnolia – Flowery on the outside and steel on the inside. She uses femininity to her advantage.

7. Divine Feminine Oracle Deck by Meggan Watterson

This is not a book, but it deserves to be on this list. It is an Oracle Card Deck, which has a guidebook included.

If you are not familiar with Oracle Cards, It is a deck with a collection of images with correlating messages. The deck is accompanied by a book that explains the messages from each card.

The image on each card is a Divine Feminine figure from various religious, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. On the cover of this deck is Mary Magdalene from the Christian faith, or the Abrahamic religions.

Divine Feminine Oracle Meggan Watterson
Personal copy of Oracle deck. The item on the far right is the guidebook.

It goes in-depth about each of these women’s stories, the legacy they left behind, how they impacted their male-dominated environment, and the lessons we can learn from them as women.

I was familiar with very few of the women in this deck. And I only just knew their names. I never heard their full story before owning this deck.

There were more women whose names I’d never heard of before, much less their stories. Regardless, their messages ignited a divine fire within me.

After reading this guidebook and seeing their correlated images, you will feel pride in being in a woman’s body.

These women are resilient, resourceful, inspiring, magical, and divine beings. Their stories are uplifting, and we can learn from them and apply these lessons to our modern lives.


This post was about recommended books that will help you on your sacred feminine journey. The 7 books mentioned in this post are:

  1. Goddess Wisdom
  2. Moon Time
  3. Lady Balls
  4. Seductress
  5. Goddesses in Everywoman
  6. Why Men Love Bitches
  7. Divine Feminine Oracle Deck

These books will guide you through some aspects of the sacred feminine so that you can navigate your journey with ease, encouragement, and clarity by women who have already walked the path.

These books are meant to inspire and empower you, but never to replace your inner guidance – which is your sacred feminine book being written by you.

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