Dark Feminine Energy Meaning, Its Traits, and Signs of Awakening

dark feminine energy

Common dark feminine energy meaning are usually surface level. We frequently see definitions that speak to a “dark aesthetic” in a woman’s appearance, or negative traits of feminine energy.

Some negative traits that are commonly associated with dark feminine energy are the toxic woman, or the wounded feminine. But in reality, the dark feminine is a spectrum and it has both positive and negative aspects to it.

Balancing both dark and light feminine energies will help you to stay in a healthy range that will be of benefit to oneself and others. This harmonious balance will result in the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

In this post, we will be focusing on the positive and beneficial aspects of dark feminine energy. We will explore its meaning, some common traits, and the signs of the awakening of the dark feminine.

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What is Dark Feminine Energy?

dark feminine energy meaning

The meaning of Dark Feminine energy is the aspect of the feminine that enables a woman to focus on her SELF. This is the energy a woman taps into when she is preserving herself, respecting herself, and instilling and maintaining self-worth and value.

The Dark Feminine’s role is to serve the feminine as an individual (self and inner world). Whereas the Light Feminine’s role is to be of service to the community (family and the outer world.)
See more on the differences between the light and dark feminine here.

For the most part, we as women have mastered the light aspect of feminine energy. However, I think we are lacking a healthy balance between the light and dark feminine energy which have been causing harm and burnout for a lot of women.

It is now our responsibility to activate and nurture the dark feminine energy within us as it is there to serve us. And even though its main intention is to serve us (individually), it will essentially create more harmony in our communities.

Dark Feminine Energy Traits

dark feminine energy traits

Dark Feminine Energy Traits are characteristics that indicate the activation and/or the presence of Dark Feminine Energy within a person.

The traits listed below can also be used to understand the true meaning of dark feminine energy, as well as be used as a guide on how to activate your dark feminine energy.

After reviewing this list, you will start to see dark feminine energy all around you, its positive effects, and hopefully how much it will bring harmony to your life when you tap into it.

You can see a more in-depth explanation of each of the Dark Feminine Traits listed below in the post here.

Dark Feminine Traits:

Boundary Setter


dark feminine energy traits
dark feminine energy traits

A woman who is in alignment with her dark feminine energy has no fear or hesitation in setting healthy boundaries.

A healthy boundary can look like:

  • Limiting the amount of people that enter her home because she understands that her home is a sacred space.
  • This is the only place on earth where she can be fully vulnerable.
  • A woman must have space to be completely vulnerable and at peace doing so.

Dark feminine energy allows a woman space to connect with her intuitive abilities. Because of this, she is then able to decipher situations for what they truly are.

This ability allows her to:

  • Avoid getting caught up in unwanted, or undesired, situations.
  • Because she has nurtured a relationship with her intuition, it is easy for her to decipher what her intuition is guiding her toward or away from.



dark feminine energy traits
dark feminine energy traits

When a woman has embodied her dark feminine energy, she is in full control of her body, her life, and her reality.

This can look like:

  • a woman able to maintain her individual identity outside of, and/or in addition to, her given societal roles of being a daughter, mother, wife, etc.

Women who are in tune with their dark feminine energy have a common trait of being intentional. A common indicator of this is that she says, or intends, what she means to.

  • This does not mean she always says what she thinks. This is more about her conveying her intentions.
  • If she does not want to participate in a certain activity, she will make it known. As opposed to saying “yes” to please others and inadvertently torturing herself.



dark feminine energy traits
dark feminine energy traits

Dark feminine energy supports privacy because it requires the woman to be protective of her energy and her reality.

  • When a woman practices privacy, she is able to be in full control of her life, her reality, and the narrative surrounding it.

A woman who has embodied her dark feminine energy can be seen as a master creator. From others looking at her, she seems to have it all.

  • She has managed to become a wife, have children, and have her dream career as well.
  • This energy enabled her to have the mindset that is required to attract and maintain her desired life.



sensual feminine energy
dark feminine energy traits

A sensual woman is a powerful woman, and the dark aspect of feminine energy rules this trait.

Sensuality is the feminine’s version of power, and a woman who is in alignment with her dark feminine energy utilizes her sensual power.

Sensuality does not always equate to sex/sexuality. It is the gratification of the 5 senses, and its use is beneficial in these areas of a woman’s life:

  • Her intimate relationships, of course.
  • Making her house into a comfy, cozy, and welcoming home for her and her family.
  • Her creative works and projects bring great benefits to her patrons and customers.
  • Her appearance, etc.

The ability to transform and allow rebirth is an important trait of dark feminine energy.

This trait encourages a woman to let go of the things that no longer serve her and her life.

  • Like a snake shedding its old skin because it no longer fits its growing body, and also to shed harmful parasites – we too require shedding throughout our lifetimes.
  • We are all evolving beings, and the dark feminine allows a woman to honor these evolutions in her life – without feeling any guilt or obligations.


dark feminine energy traits

Because the dark feminine inspires the woman to have an intimate relationship with herself, her level of confidence will inevitably be high.

Dark Feminine Awakening

dark feminine energy awakening

Dark feminine awakening means that a woman has activated her dark feminine energy within, and is living in her authenticity. At the very least, she has the deliberate intent to live in her authenticity.

The awakening of the dark feminine usually comes about after a woman has hit a wall in her life. When she comes to realize that she has been living in a disempowered state, her awareness of the reality of her situation becomes heightened.

And with this heightened awareness of her reality, her dark feminine energy is then triggered and awakened. This awakening then empowers her to take control of her reality and essentially improve it in a way that suits her.

The awakening of the dark feminine energy can also come about through inspiration, or through learned behavior as a result of being around empowered women from a young age.

Indicators of the Dark Feminine Awakening:

There are indicators that can be seen or witnessed when the dark feminine is activated within a woman. These common traits of dark feminine awakening are:

dark feminine energy awakening

Dark Night of the Soul

1. Dark night of the soul

This is one of the first stages of the dark feminine awakening. Dark night of the soul is a triggering activation that occurs when one have been awaken from their lifelong sleep of living their life in default and in the confines of others’ narratives.

This is where the old identity dies/is dying, so that the new and more authentic identity can emerge and now live abundantly. It is a multitude of realizations that how one have been living, thinking, and seeing life have been disempowering and inauthentic.

It can be a painful experience as everything in your life will begin to look like one big fat lie, and it will cause you to question everything you have ever known and believed in.

Some things will fall away, some will stay, and some will improve; but after the dark night of the soul occurs nothing will ever be the same again. Regardless of whether your life looks the same or not. It is the inner world that will be completely different and it will take some time to be fully comfortable with.

The Dark night of the soul can look feel like your world is falling apart, but it is truly a blessing in disguise and is just the beginning of you living in your full power and authenticity.

dark feminine energy awakening

Selfishness over Selflessness

2. Selfishness over Selflessness.

Those that are used to seeing her people-pleasing will see a shift in her choices. They will then resort to calling her selfish because she is now honoring herself, her rights, and her truths – and no longer living for the sake of others.

Many times the word “selfish” is used incorrectly. To be selfish means that one makes decisions or take actions that bring harm and inconvenience to others.

However, when a woman decides not to live her life for another person, that person will resort to calling her selfsih. When in fact, a person wanting her to live her life for them is the epitome of selfishness.

Once a woman’s dark feminine energy is activated, she will be more confident in making choices that are of benefit to her, and no longer feel the need to consider others in ways that is beyond her responsibility.

dark feminine energy awakening

Prioritize Cycles and Rhythms

3. She Prioritizes honoring her cycles and rhythms.

A woman with awakened/activated dark feminine energy hears and honors the requests of her body and her mood.

If she doesn’t feel like cooking tonight, or answering the phone when it rings, then she doesn’t. If she feels like laying around all day doing nothing, then she does. Given that she is able to so.

The point is is that she honors her rhythms without any guilt. Women whose dark feminine energy isn’t activated usually would feel guilty honoring her cycles and rhythms.

dark feminine energy awakening

Connected to Authentic Self

4. Connected to Authentic self.

A woman who has an awakened dark feminine energy has an intimate relationship with her inner self. The inner self is the most authentic version of oneself because it is hidden away and protected from the outside world and its inhibitions & judgements.

When a woman is connected to her inner self, she becomes fully aware of both her positive and negative aspects. She also have develops the skills and the discernment on how to balance both her negative and positive traits to create the best outcome for each situation.

Also, she does not go to war with her “negative” traits. Instead, she is aware of it and knows how to utilize it when necessary, or compensate for it when appropriate.

She doesn’t demonize herself for guilt of not fitting the expected mold curated by society, traditions, or religions. She gives herself space and grace to be her full, complete, and authentic self.

dark feminine energy awakening

Sacred Space

5. Need for Sacred Space

A woman with activated dark feminine energy tends to have a sacred space for herself. This can be her home, a room in her home, under a specific tree, by the water, in a dance studio, in a gym, etc.

A sacred space is a designated area where one can feel safe to be and do whatever they want. It only holds energy of the person that created the space so that they can peacefully recenter themselves, or just be with themself.

A woman with her dark feminine energy activated needs to have a sacred space in order for her to have harmony within her life. She needs to have her moments of reconnecting with herself and escaping from the outside world.

dark feminine energy awakening

Interest in the Esoteric

6. Interest in Esoteric Arts

When i experienced my awakening, I became drawn to the esoteric and I did not see that coming. Over the years of studying the divine feminine, I find that interest in the esoteric arts is a common trait that occurs when a woman’s dark feminine energy is activated.

In my personal experience, I was first drawn to astrology and then it developed into tarot and oracle cards. I started watching general readings on youtube and then I started building my own collection of decks.

The reason why this is a common occurrence is because the esoteric reconnects us with our authentic and empowered selves. It reminds us of our innate wisdom, gifts, and birthrights; and it doesn’t turn us into victims of low vibrational energies (when guided correctly).

The esoteric reminds us to see and witness the divine in everything; thus turning any situation into a magical, divine, and sacred experience. It debunks the idea that the divine is limited to a specific building, and it can only be understood through one text, and only designated people can communicate with the divine.

The esoteric reminds us that we have unlimited access to the divine because we come from the divine, we are divine, and all is divine. And when a woman starts to see life through these lens, she becomes unaffected by the default ideas, which then explains why she may come across as a “bitch” by someone who does not see life through such lens.

This post was about Dark Feminine Energy, its meaning, its common traits, and common indicators of the Dark Feminine Energy Awakening.

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