feminine energy definition

Feminine Energy Definition: A Description to Help You Radiate Femininity

feminine energy definition

Feminine energy definition can vary depending on who you ask. This is understandable as the feminine is represented by fluidity, cycles, and openness. So naturally, there will be numerous of ways to define feminine energy.

Also, there are multiple ways to embody, tap into, and exude feminine energy. In this post, we will explore a feminine energy definition that will help you to clearly understand femininity and what it truly means.

We will also explore feminine energy characteristics, and how to radiate feminine energy. Below is a table of contents you can use to take you straight to each specific section.

What is Feminine Energy?

what is feminine energy

My definition of Feminine Energy is the vibe that one exudes that conveys the essence of being a woman – beauty, creativity, softness, receptivity, fluidity, sensuality, nurturing, compassion, etc.

This definition can be broken down in a way that will further your understanding of it.

  • “Energy,” in this sense, means “the essence through which we are able to understand and feel something at our core.”
  • Feminine” means “to have qualities or an appearance that is traditionally associated with women or girls”

Therefore, Feminine Energy is the essence of qualities that is traditionally associated with women. It is the “being who you are as a woman.” Just being a woman. Just allowing the essence of you – as a woman – to just be what it is, however it is. It is an energy that transcends immediate logic and goes straight to our inner knowing.

8 Common Feminine Energy Characteristics

feminine energy characteristics

To experience the presence of feminine energy within ourselves, or others, we can consciously or subconsciously look for these feminine energy characteristics.

We can also use the awareness of these characteristics to radiate our feminine energy in a given moment.

Below is a list of common feminine energy characteristics that will further explain the definition of feminine energy. This list can also serve as a guide to help you radiate your femininity – which is discussed later in this post.

1. Creative

creative feminine

Creativity is a feminine energy characteristic because it represents the intrinsic ability of the female body (the womb) to create life. This innate ability permeates the entirety of her being and leads to creativity in all areas of her life.

2. Soft

soft feminine energy

Softness doesn’t just mean the physical feeling of a gentle and easy-to-mold touch. Softness, as a feminine energy characteristic, speaks to the calm and ease one feels when in the presence of a woman who is resting in her feminine energy.

3. Beauty

feminine beauty meaning

While beauty is generally represented by physical attractiveness, feminine energy beauty is not limited to the physical. In the case of feminine energy, beauty evokes a sense of awe, wonder, and reverence. One feels the presence of the divine when they witness divine feminine beauty. This type of beauty is a choice, and this is a gift that feminine energy provides.

4. Receptive

feminine receptivity

Receptivity is the natural instinct of the woman. It is built into our biological make-up, which then translates into our energy. Outside of the physical action of receiving, being receptive – in simple terms – means to relax and be. It means to not fight against anything. This does not mean you are a doormat. Instead, it means that you understand your innate power which does not require force.

5. Intuitive

feminine intuition

Intuition have been commonly associated with women’s innate power. There is a reason why Intuition is ruled by the feminine. This is because, at its core, it requires being in tune with the wisdom of feeling rather than the wisdom of reasoning. “Feeling” is heart and body centered. As opposed to the masculine’s nature that is mind and thought centered.

6. Playfulness

examples of feminine energy

The lightheartedness that comes from being playful adds pleasure, creativity, receptivity, and love into a given moment. One is able to be playful when they are in a state of being, when they are at ease, and when they are looking at life through the lens of “all is well, so lets have fun.”

7. Sensual

sensual feminine energy

Sensuality is a feminine energy characteristic because it rules our pleasure centers. Pleasure is the domain of the feminine as it requires ease, playfulness, and the essence of beauty. It especially requires “being-ness,” as one must be present in the now to feel pleasure and fulfillment. These are traits that comes easier to the feminine than it does to the masculine.

8. Nurturing

nurturing feminine energy

Nurturing is a natural maternal trait that is commonly associated with the feminine because of motherhood. This characteristic can be conjured up when dealing with children, pets/animals, nature, creative projects, and anything/anyone else that means a lot to a person. Nurturing is a pillar of feminine energy.

How to Radiate Feminine Energy

how to radiate feminine energy

In order to radiate feminine energy, you just have to BE. You just have to be in your woman-ness. Whatever that is true to you, be that. Be yourself. Be in your truth. Relax into who you are, enjoy the moment – while you are being you. This is the cornerstone of feminine energy.

When you have mastered the “being-ness,” all the traits and characteristics that are commonly associated with femininity will easily radiate from you.
“Being-ness” does not mean that you become a shell, and just go where the wind blows you.

What “being-ness” really means is that you no longer hold any resistance to your natural feminine energy. You are not in the mode of pretending, or trying to control in order to get a specific outcome. Instead, you are at ease because you trust in the powers of the feminine energy, and leave space and energy for it to work its magic.

Here is a quick little list on how to radiate your feminine energy by “being” through the common feminine energy characteristics listed above:

1. Be Creative:

how to increase feminine energy
  • In order to radiate feminine energy through creativity, what is required of you is to flow with your nature. All women are instinctual creators. Actually, every single living thing is a creator; man, woman, dog, cat, tree, etc.

  • To be alive and to live means to be a creator. We create every single day, and it is at the core of our lives. Creativity is at the core of who we are. This is how “being” can help us to radiate our feminine energy through creativity; because to “be,” is to create.

  • To eat, we create meals. For our rest, we create beds, sheets and pillows, private rooms, etc. In order for us to move around, we created cars, buses, trains, planes, Uber, etc.

  • We have all heard artists, of all kinds, when they speak about how they created some of their best creations. They always say something along the lines of:
    • “It just happened. It just flowed through me. I didn’t think about it, it just came.”

  • Their most legendary creations came through a state of flow. This is because creation is being.

2. Be Soft:

feminine energy in a relationship
  • In order to give soft energy, you have to be in tune with “being.” As mentioned earlier in this post, “being-ness” is the corner stone of feminine energy, and this applies to the “soft” characteristic of feminine energy.

  • When your essence is soft, it means you are relaxed, open, at ease, and receptive to the known and the unknown. In order to radiate your feminine energy, be at ease, relax, and be open and receptive in order to exude soft energy.

3. Be Beautiful:

feminine energy characteristics
  • To be beautiful, you have to own your beauty. Decide that you are beautiful, and then whatever inspired action comes up as a result – flow with that.

  • “Being-ness” does not mean that no action is taken at all. What makes a difference between feminine action and masculine action is inspired action (feminine) and forced action (masculine). It is guaranteed that when you are in your “being” energy, your inspired beauty actions will support your unique beauty.

  • These inspired actions may or may not include traditional beauty practices/routines. It could include wearing make-up or not, wearing your hair in its natural state or processed, going for a specific aesthetic in clothing choices, etc. Whichever inspired action you take, if it feels right, you know it is the right beauty action for you.

  • Your feminine beauty will generally come from a point of ease and effortlessness – regardless of wether there is much physical action or not. This action will feel good to you, and that is how you know you are radiating feminine energy when it comes to beauty.

4. Be Receptive:

examples of feminine energy
  • Receptivity and being-ness are one and the same. It is the cornerstone of feminine energy definition. This is why receptivity is highly associated with femininity, because it fully requires “being.”
    When you are in this energy, you are relaxed, you’re at ease, you are open, and you are allowing what is – to be what it is.

  • In order to know whether or not you are in your feminine energy at a given moment, scan your body for receptiveness. Are you tense and being resistant to the present moment? Or are you relaxed and allowing the present to be? Do you feel guilty when you receive complements? Or are you graciously and genuinely thankful for every complement you get?

  • When you are fully relaxed and in tune with the present moment, you radiate feminine energy because of your ability to be receptive to the moment.

5. Be Intuitive:

what is feminine energy
  • We have all heard these terms at some point throughout our lives: “Woman’s intuition,” or “mother’s intuition.” These are common phrases across cultures because it is truth. The feminine energy is more in-tuned with her body and her feeling sense. Therefore, allowing her to clearly hear and/or feel guidance or messages from herself and the divine.

  • In order for you to have your intuition activated, you have to be in your “being” energy. Intuition is the opposite of logic and reasoning. Logic and reasoning requires effort, force, and active movement of the mind. Intuition requires stillness, receptivity, and openness.

  • Intuition usually goes against the grain, and in some cases it goes against logic and reasoning as well. A woman who has a great relationship with her intuition is in the state of trust and blind faith. In order to activate and nurture your intuition, you have to “be” in order to hear and feel clearly.

6. Be Playful:

what does it mean to have feminine energy
  • When we think of play, we think of the raw, uninhibited and careless child that romps and imagine and explores. Playfulness requires ultimate “being.” When we are playing we are fully in the present. Not thinking about the past or the future. Just enjoying the magic of the now. Milking the present for all it has to offer.

  • Feminine Energy rules playfulness because of multiple reasons. Traditionally, the mother spends the most time with her children as opposed to their father. The mother has to have access to playfulness once she is predominantly caring for children.

  • Another reason is that the feminine energy is more likely to be in her “being” energy. This will inevitably lead to moments of playfulness and levity. In order to radiate your feminine energy through playfulness, you have to surrender to the present moment. Allow yourself to be swept up by wonder, levity, imagination, creativity, and magic; and you can only achieve this through “being-ness.”

7. Be Sensual:

divine feminine energy definition
  • Sensuality is the gratification of the senses. This leads to moments of pleasure, stimulation, and fulfillment. In order to feel pleasure, one must be in the present moment. To be in the present moment, you have to “be.”

  • Feminine energy rules sensuality. This is because being in-tuned with the feeling sense is at the core of sensuality. On the opposite side is active thinking and processing, which is ruled by masculine energy. Sensuality also incorporates beauty – which we have discussed earlier in this post.

  • In order to radiate your feminine energy through sensuality, like the other traits discussed above, you have to be in a state of “being.” Enjoy the taste and the texture of the food that you are eating in a given moment. Feel how the sheets enwrap your body as you roll in and out of it throughout the night. Enjoy the scent of your favorite perfume. BE in the pleasure of the present moment.

8. Be Nurturing:

what exactly is feminine energy
  • The characteristic of Nurturing comes to the feminine through the mother archetype/energy. This trait is widely acknowledged as highly feminine, and for good reason.

  • To activate the energy of nurturing, one has to be in the present moment – therefore, one has to “be.” To nurture, you have to be in-tuned with what is being focused on in that moment – whether it is a child, a friend, a family member, or a project.

  • Nurturing requires the use of intuition, love, openness, patience, and ease. These are all traits that requires “being.”

This was a post about Feminine Energy Definition that will help to clarify femininity for you, so that you can radiate it with ease.

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