Feminine Outfits: 9 Different Styles Worn by 9 Types of Feminine Women

Feminine Outfits are a great way to express your femininity through physical appearance. Usually, we tend to think of feminine outfits being expressed through 4 ways. The common ways of feminine expression through outfits are Elegant, Sensual, Classic, and Girly Feminine Styles.

These 4 feminine outfit styles are the usual common ways to express femininity through clothing, but there are many more types of feminine outfits that are not discussed often. We will be discussing these other types, in addition to the common ones.

You can use the table of contents below to see the list of feminine outfit types that will be discussed in this post, as well as to take you straight to a specific section.

What is Considered Feminine Clothing?

feminine aesthetic outfits

Feminine style clothing are items of clothing that has elements and details that are commonly associated with femininity. This style of clothing will also help to highlight feminine features on a woman’s body; such as: curves, softness, and flexibility. To learn more about feminine style clothing, check out this blog post here.

Femininity is a range, not an on-and-off switch. Just as each color has many variances to it – for example: blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, aqua-blue, grey-blue… they’re all blue… so does femininity. Femininity has many variances to it, and we will explore this range of femininity through the 9 types of feminine outfits.

Not every feminine woman dresses girly, or resonates with the aesthetic of elegance. Therefore, we will explore the other types of feminine outfits that appeal to 9 different types of feminine women.

9 Types of Feminine Outfits:

feminine outfits

Exploring these different types of feminine outfits will shine a light on the fact that you can express your femininity in a way that is authentic to you. You don’t have to express your femininity in a way that is inauthentic to you just to fit into a common standard.

It is common, and likely, if you see yourself in more than one of the types listed below, in addition to being a type that you do not see listed in this post. You may also feel like you resonate with different feminine outfit types throughout different phases of your life. This is at the core of our femininity as we are cyclical beings.

There is no doubt that the traditional idea around femininity IS feminine, but it is NOT the only way to express it. Remember that this is not an extensive list, and we each are complex individuals with many layers to us. Below are 9 types of feminine outfits that are worn by 9 different types of femininie women.

Now for the 9 types of Feminine Outfits:

1. CLASSY Feminine Outfits

classy feminine outfits
classic female outfits
classic feminine style
classy feminine style

“Classiness is not a label to be worn or discarded, it is a state of mind, a mindset that one carries oneself with, a dignity that is innate and everlasting.”

Somya Kedia

Classy, or Classic, style usually have the characteristics of being elegant, stylish, and of high quality. These outfits usually have clean lines, neutral colors, and simple details.

The type of woman that usually go for classy styled outfits are those that values carrying oneself with poise, grace, and confidence. She is mindful of how she presents herself to the world, and understands the importance of having a good first-impression.

She values quality over quantity, and timeless pieces that can be paired with anything, and can be worn across multiple timelines. Classy styled outfits goes beyond their physical appearance. It exudes authenticity and self-assuredness, which is what draws the classy woman to this type of outfit.

2. ELEGANT Feminine Outfits

elegant feminine style
elegant female outfits
feminine elegant style
feminine elegant outfit

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani

Elegant styled outfits are dignified and graceful in appearance. It gives the energy of effortlessness, high standards, and luxury. This style is easy on the eye – which means its pleasant to look at, and it does not disturb the visual nerves.

Elegant styled outfits are like a breath of fresh air, it easily fits into any time frame, and it sends a message of self-respect, high standards, and ease. Like the classy style, elegant style is also timeless and transcends trends, class, and income.

The type of women that go for elegantly styled outfits are women that value simplicity, grace, and refinement. She takes pride in her appearance, and is most likely aligned with the idea of sensuality – which means to appeal to the senses. This may be conscious or unconscious, but this is what the elegant woman exudes.

3. CASUAL Feminine Outfits

casual feminine outfits
feminine casual outfits
casual feminine outfits
casual feminine style

In a world that values perfection and performance, casualness can be a radical act of self-love.

Casually styled outfits are simple and to the point. This style generally includes comfortable and relaxed items that are flattering. At the core of casual style is a sense of authenticity, comfort, and self-assuredness.

These outfits do vary depending on the woman, but casual outfits usually consist of jeans, feminine tops/blouses to elevate feminize the casual look, flats, and easy-going dresses.

Women that usually go for casual styled outfits have a steady sense of self. They have an independent spirit, and they don’t need external validation. They value freedom, flexibility, ease, and focus.

4. SENSUAL Feminine Outfits

feminine sensuality
sensual outfits
sensual look
sensual style

“Sensuality is a gentle, natural force that takes us out of ourselves and into the world of others and of things; it is the force that makes us feel the world, that makes us feel alive.”

Alan Watts

Sensually styled outfits taps into the gratification of the senses. They appeal to the visual and the feeling (touch) senses. And if you’re really about the sensual life, your outfits will also cater to the sense of smell (perfume).

Some common elements found in a sensual outfit are form-fitting silhouettes; sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, and v-necklines; and a defined waist. To honor the sensual touch, luxe materials like velvet, silk, lace, muslin, and anything that is soft and lustrous will do the job.

The type of women that are usually drawn to wearing sensually styled outfits are women who have a healthy relationship with her sexuality. She also likes to display her confidence in her femininity. She understands the value in creating a pleasing environment for both herself, and others around her.

5. EDGY Feminine Outfit

edgy feminine style
edgy outfits female

“Edgy is not just a look or a style, it’s a mindset that refuses to be defined by the expectations of others.”

Edgy styled outfits displays rebellion, autonomy, and daringness. They push boundaries and set themself apart from the norm. The goal of an edgy styled outfit is to display that there is a fulfilling life on the edge, and it can look beautiful!

These outfits usually feature structured and asymmetrical lines, leather, studs, chunky density, and darker colors – especially black. It also has bold prints and rough or thick fabrics. It displays the marriage of masculine and feminine energies visually present as one.

The women that are drawn to expressing their femininity in an edgy way likes to push boundaries. They stand on the edge of expectations, telling the world that they won’t conform to common ideals. The boarder is where they prefer to be – hence the word “edgy.” They are willing to take risks in the pursuit of individuality, growth, and progress.

6. RETRO Feminine Outfit

retro feminine style
retro female look

“Retro fashion is a bridge that connects us to the past, reminding us of the beauty and creativity that existed before us.”

Retro styled outfits are modern clothing outfitted in a way to pay homage to past styles. It is a celebration of the past and how creativity was expressed in a certain era. It can also be a desire to extract cultures, ideas, and ways-of-living of a past era into the present. Or better yet, It can be a desire to escape the advancement of the present for the simplicity of the past.

These outfits usually consist of styles that resemble fashion trends during the 1920s through to the 1980s. Some popular examples are dresses that resemble the flapper style of the 1920s, pencil skirts of the 1950s, swing dresses of the 1940s, flare pants of the 1970s, and metallic fabrics of the 1980s.

The type of woman that is drawn to wearing retro styled outfits are those that admire the novelty of a specific era. She may also feel that the popular silhouettes of a particular era suits her body type the best, or helps her express her authenticity better – than the ones of modern aesthetics.

7. FLAMBOYANT Feminine Outfit

“Flamboyance is not a garment to be worn by ordinary people. It is the crown of the extraordinary.”

Gregg Levoy

Flamboyant style outfits are extravagant, bold, and larger-than-life! These outfits are often unique, and they require confidence and creativity of the wearer in order to pull off these looks.

These outfits usually consists of bright and bold colors, extravagant shapes and silhouettes such as billowing sleeves, wide legs, and oversized shapes. Flamboyant outfits also commonly feature mixed and match prints, as well as bold fabrics and textures.

The type of woman that usually goes for flamboyantly styled outfits are women who value presenting themselves as unique and creative. They resent the norm and conforming to the status quo. They are expressive, artistic, and they enjoy displaying their mindset and gifts through their flamboyant outfits.

8. SPORTY Feminine Outfit

sporty feminine style

“Sporty outfits can be just as elegant and feminine as any other style, but they offer an added bonus of comfort and practicality.”

Tory Burch

See SPORTY FEMININE OUTFIT inspirations here at this link. I don’t have many sporty items in my wardrobe. haha

Sporty styled outfits are relaxed, athletic, and sensible to ease of movement. These outfits honor the spirt of a sport enthusiast, or someone who values health, resilience, perseverance, and dedication. They also are a go-to for those that want/need comfort and convenience during a particular stage in her life.

These outfits usually consists of athletic and casual wear. Common pieces in a feminine sporty outfit are leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, a lightweight zip up jacket or hoodie, a fitted golf dress or tennis skirt, bike shorts, and sneakers or slip on flats.

The type of woman that is usually drawn to sporty outfits are those that either enjoy physical activities, or one who wants to be comfortable and have a life of ease. Or she could value both. Women who value comfort and functionality in their clothing, and also want to express her femininiity will usually go for a sporty feminine look.

9. GIRLY Feminine Outfit

girly feminine clothes
girly outfit ideas
girly looks
cute feminine outfits

“Girls just want to have fun.”

Cyndi Lauper

Girly styled outfits conjure up vibes associated with youthfulness, sweetness, delicate, graceful, and femininity. And pink! Pink definitely comes to mind. “Girly” is one of the traditional ways to express femininity, and is usally one of the first aesthetics that come to mind when “feminine outfits” are mentioned.

These outfits usually include light colors like pastels and pink, ruffles on sleeves and hems, and floral prints. These items are usually in lace, tulle, and soft fabrics. Skirts and dresses are usually preferred over pants within this type of style.

The type of women that are drawn to wearing girly styled outfits are those that have a healthy relationship with youthfulness and femininity. They value grace and delicacy, and seek to express these values through their choice of clothing.

These 9 feminine outfits styles were just a short list of the many ways feminine women express their authenticity through their outfits. There are as many feminine outfit types as there are feminine women. These were just a list of common styles that are popular, as well as under-discussed.

If you feel that I have missed discussing a common feminine outfit type, let me know in the comments and I will update this post, or make part 2.

This post was about 9 feminine outfit styles for 9 different types of feminine women.

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