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gift guide for her amazon

Using this Amazon Gift Guide for Her to get a gift for the woman in your life, or an associate, will help you alleviate some gift-giving anxieties you may have. This guide will help you with gifting ideas for your wife, sister, mother, daughter, cousin, friend, coworker, and associates. It’s also great to use if you’re participating in Secret Santa.

Keep in mind that the best gift you can ever give is one of thoughtfulness. Think about what you know about her, and what she needs for her current phase in life. Also, think about her current interests and how you can support these interests in gift form.

How to use this Amazon Gift Guide for Her

After browsing through the suggested items and you decide to purchase one, or more, click on the image or the highlighted words to take you to the product page. Select the desired color, and size, and then purchase.

There are 2 major ways to get gifts for the ladies in your life using Amazon:

  1. You can ship it directly to them after purchasing it on Amazon. Don’t forget to check the “This is a Gift” box so that the identity of the gift can be concealed until it’s time for the recipient to open it.
  2. The other way is to purchase it, deliver it to yourself, wrap the gift, and give it to your recipient in person.

Choose what best suits you and your recipient, and have fun!

Amazon Gift Ideas for Her Categories:

This “Amazon gift ideas for her” is divided into categories. The categories are Fashion and Beauty, Tech, Home, Travel, and Self-Care. Browse through each category for inspiration and choose what best suits your recipient.

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Amazon Gift Guide for Her:

Gift Card

Amazon gifts for under 20

While gifting something specific to your recipient conjures up surprise and delight, gifting them the freedom to choose at your expense is the second best.

When in doubt, gift a gift card. It is a surefire way to ensure that the receiver truly gets what they want at your expense. Eliminate the anxiety of getting the wrong thing, wrong color, wrong size, etc.

An Amazon gift card can be physical or electronic. Choose the one that works best for you and your recipient.

Amazon BEAUTY & FASHION Gift Guide for Her

Amazon gifts for under 20

Beauty and fashion are a natural go-to for most women. Getting a gift from this category is a sure way to please the woman in your life.

Think about what type of clothes you usually see her wearing, and get her another color in it. Remember what bag or bracelet she has been talking about wanting to get, get that for her.

You know exactly what to do. But if you are here for some inspiration or just need to grab a generic gift for a woman you know, you came to the right place. Let’s explore some gifts in the beauty & fashion category that your recipient will surely love to receive.

1. Nordstrom Gift Card

How to order a gift on amazon

Wow! Believe it or not, you can buy a Nordstrom gift card from Amazon. We love this because every woman – with their unique personal style – can find something at Nordstrom.

This is a perfect gift because you don’t have to worry about getting the right size, the right color, length, version, etc.

With gift cards, your recipient is sure to receive exactly what they want at your expense. This is a great gift for her. This gift card can be used online and in-store at both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Give them the gift of choice!

2. Satin Tank Top

Gifts for women

This satin finish tank top works well with most body types and has flexibility in wear. It can be worn casually with jeans, and it can be dressed up with a pencil skirt.

You can wear it to the office, on a dinner date, running errands, and while hanging out with friends. Gift this versatile top to add ease and beauty to her daily wear.

3. Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

This lip mask by Tatcha is highly recommended for its quality, hydration, plumping effect, and long-lasting moisture.

You cannot go wrong with having soft and hydrated lips; and so, you cannot go wrong with gifting this to your recipient. Gift this lip mask to any woman in your life, and she will be sure to find use for it.

4. L’Occitane Advent Calendar

This is a great gift for your recipient to explore the world of L’Occitane. If you have noticed that the woman in your life is somewhat intrigued by this brand, this gift will be perfect for her.

Particularly if she have never tried any of their products, this gift will be a perfect chance for her to discover her new favorites. L’Occitane Advent Calendar comes with 24 items to discover and love.

5. Pashmina Scarf/Shawl

Shawls and scarves are a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. During the colder seasons, she can wear it as a scarf to keep warm and use it as a shawl when indoors.

During warmer seasons it can be used as a cover-up when wearing sleeveless, or when she plans to be in an environment with air conditioning. Choose from the available colors to delight your recipient.

6. Bottega Earring Dupes

These Bottega earring dupes are trendy and popular at the moment. Because of this, most women have their eyes on these if they don’t already have them.

They are available in both silver and gold. Choose the one your recipient will appreciate the most and make her day. Make it even better by getting her both shades.

7. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Discovery Collection

This Maison Francis Kurkdjian Discovery Collection is a perfume sample set of 8 different scents this brand offers. Instead of trying to guess what scent she may like best, gift her the opportunity to discover that for herself and at her own pace.

8. Custom Initial Jewelry Box

Gift her a cute and concise way to store her jewelry while at home. This jewelry box will also easily translate into being travel friendly with very little packing and unpacking needed.

Tailor this gift to your recipient by selecting her initial and choosing a color she likes the most out of the available options.

9. Dumpling Bag

With more than 20 colors available, this Dumpling bag inspired by Bottega Veneta will please your recipient. It is in a unique style with ratings of having great quality and durability.

Also, this bag can be worn for dressy-casual to semi-formal settings. Surprise and delight your recipient with this bag as a gift.

10. Elegant Wool Coat

This coat is in a shawl collar-style silhouette which is unique and stylish. It carries a feminine and elegant look all while keeping the wearer warm and safe from the harsh winter climate.

Gift the woman in your life this Shawl Collar Coat and you will give her the ability to create countless timeless looks during the winter season, all while staying warm and safe.

11. Elegant V-Neck Blouse

This beautiful Elegant V-neck blouse is perfect for multiple occasions. It can be worn to the office, to dinner, or to a party. It can also be worn throughout the four seasons, which makes it a classic and timeless piece to have in one’s wardrobe.

Gift this blouse to help her expand her feminine wardrobe in addition to creating countless outfits for different occasions all throughout the year. This is a great gift indeed.

Amazon TECH Gift Guide for Her

Thoughtful gifts for her amazon

1. Instant Print Camera

This is a fun and playful gift that will live in her memory bank for years to come. Depending on the age of your recipient, this instant print camera will either delight her with a new experience, or it will make her feel nostalgic for her childhood.

The photos she will take and print from this camera will be cherished. In addition to the camera, this purchase includes 40 sheets to print photos, a carrying case for the camera, and a photo album (with 64 pockets) to store memories in a dedicated space. Choose from 4 other available colors.

2. Wireless Headphones

From music apps to social media apps, and all other media types in between, the use of headphones has become a regular act in our daily lives. Therefore, these Beats wireless headphones will be the perfect gift for a woman that values and enjoys high-quality sound.

Select these headphones in a color that your recipient would prefer and enjoy the most.

3. AirPods

Gifting a pair of AirPods may seem like a niche gesture, but you can never go wrong with these being a gift for her. Our lives are now mostly centered around the use of technology (our smartphones), and so these AirPods will always come in handy, regardless of what type of woman she is.

4. Apple Watch SE

Smartwatches are another tech item that is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. For the woman who is an Apple user, this Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)will be the perfect addition to her collection for her to fully integrate a seamless and convenient Apple experience.

The Apple Watch SE has all the essential features that one will surely utilize. It has a hands-free connection, it monitors your fitness and health tracking, and it also has staying-safe features that are all on the wrist. Select the color that she is most likely to prefer to make this the perfect gift for her.

5. Tripod

This all-in-one tripod comes compact with a wireless remote, built-in foldable legs, and the ability to be used as a desktop tripod as well as stand 60 inches tall.

These features make it an ideal gift for the woman who participates in content creation, as she will be able to take it with her wherever she goes because of its compactness. Choose between black and white, whichever she may prefer.

6. Portable Selfie Light

This portable selfie light is perfect for gifting to the woman who loves and enjoys taking pictures and videos. It is well-rounded as it can be used for webcam use, selfies on your phone, as well as on cameras.

This portable selfie light will fit easily in her purse and has a powerful light that can be used during the daytime and is most useful at night. It has both yellow and white light for her to choose to her liking.

Amazon HOME Gift Guide for Her

Unique gift ideas for women

The woman in your life may be moving out on her own and running her own home for the very first time. Gifting items to fill her home and create ease throughout her daily life is a great way to give her something meaningful, thoughtful, and useful that is sure to be appreciated. Choose from the list below what will best suit your specific recipient.


Vanity Mirror and Make-up Organizer

This Vanity Mirror is an amazing way to elevate her “getting ready” process as it enables ease and flow in applying makeup and skincare. It is sturdy and reliable, and the white and yellow light is amazing. A woman who enjoys getting glammed and presenting herself in the best way will highly appreciate and enjoy this vanity mirror as a gift.

To maximize the experience this vanity mirror will provide, include these makeup organizers to help her generate more ease, flow, and organization in her getting ready process. Make this gift a vanity set by pairing it with these makeup organizers here and here.

Make Up Organizers

2. Television

Every home needs a TV – especially a smart one. If you choose to gift the woman in your life a smart TV, you are also giving her ease by eliminating one or two need-to-buys from her “to-buy” list.

3. Six-Drawer Dresser

Another way to eliminate one or two need-to-buys from her “to-buy” list is to gift her this 6-drawer Dresser that she will most likely need to buy at some point.

4. Desk/Table

There is always a need for a tabletop in our homes and/or our office space. Whether it is used for working with a computer, to eat, or to just hold decorations, a table is a great way to help her decorate her new home.

5. Barstools

Barstools are a great way to elevate a space all while providing ease and comfort for those that inhabit said space. These stools are available in grey, beige, and green, so choose the color that will most please your recipient.

6. Floor Lamp

Add some light and ambiance to her space by gifting her this floor lamp. Also, you can purchase a pair, instead of just one, to help her balance out the design in her home and gift her the option of 3-levels of dimmable light that she can use to create whichever mood she chooses in a given moment.

You cannot go wrong with lamps. They definitely add warmth and coziness to a home. Choose from the multiple available colors to gift her this floor lamp.

7. Pillow Cushion

What is a cozy and welcoming home without the presence of pillows? Pillows can be used to decorate a bed, couch, or floor – as well as be used for physical comfort surrounding the head, back, or legs.

This pillow is a decorative one and can be used to visually elevate your bed or couch. Choose from the multiple available colors that she is likely to appreciate the most and gift them to her with warmth and love.

8. Soap Dispenser

An unexpected and easy way to elevate the look and feel of one’s home is the use of these soap dispensers as opposed to using them out of the manufacturer’s plastic bottle. love these soap dispensers. They can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, and they can also be used for hand lotion as well.

9. Decorative Trash Can

Who knew that trash could be cute? haha! Leave it up to a woman to make this a potential product. That being said, the woman in your life will surely appreciate this addition to her new or existing home.

Trash is already non-glamorous, but this decorative trash can can elevate the look of a bathroom, and conceal discarded trash while serving its purpose. She will appreciate this gift as a truly thoughtful one.

10. Air Humidifier

Choose between black and white when deciding to gift her this humidifier as a gift. It provides up to 50 hours of continuous moisture for a more healthy living environment.

11. Faux Rosemary Plant

Gift her this 3-set mini faux plant to help her decorate her home. It can be placed in her kitchen, bathroom, living room, or entryway.

12. Skincare Fridge

This beauty fridge organizes skin care products and keeps them cool to prolong their shelf life. It is also fun and pleasurable to get a cooling sensation when using your skincare products. This beauty fridge is eco-friendly and is available in 4 colors for you to choose from.

13. Cell Phone Stand

This cellphone stand (also compatible with tablets) will add ease and efficiency to workflow. Gift her this simple yet efficient tool that is adjustable and is available in 4 different colors to choose from.

Amazon TRAVEL Gift Guide for Her

Amazon gifts for her under 25

Travel is becoming more and more accessible to us women these days. Gifting her travel essentials will encourage her to take the risk and go see the world.

In addition to giving her a physical travel gift, you will also be giving her support and encouragement. You won’t lose with a travel-related gift, and she will greatly appreciate you for it. Here are some great travel-related gifts for her.

1. Travel Make-Up Organizer

Gift her this travel make-up organizer for a perfect vanity on the go. The built-in light-up mirror is especially perfect as the lighting in hotel rooms is not always that great. Gift her a seamlessly beautiful appearance on the go with this amazing makeup travel organizer.

2. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes is a game-changer in traveling. They make packing super easy and help to keep your items organized and in place. Gift this packing cube set to her and demonstrate your thoughtfulness and support. Choose the best color from the available options that will best suit your recipient.

3. Mini Perfume Sprays

Instead of taking up space by packing full-bottle perfumes, help her pack only what she needs with these mini perfume bottles. This 5-set pack of mini perfume spray bottles comes empty with the mechanism to fill it with your favorite scents. Choose the set of colors that will please your recipient the most.

4. Three-Piece Luggage Set

Luggage is the foundational travel item. Gift her this aesthetically pleasing 3-piece hardshell lightweight luggage set that is highly durable. Choose the color that your recipient will enjoy the most from the available color options.

5. Travel Make-up Brush Organizer

Help her stay ready and efficient by gifting her this silicon travel make-up brush holder. It is compact, cute, and durable. Choose from the available colors that will most please your recipient.

6. Hair Tools Travel Bag

The girlies need to be able to keep it cute, no matter what part of the world we are traveling to. This Hair Tools Travel bag will help her to keep her necessary items organized and compact in one place. Choose between black and pink to give to your recipient.

Amazon SELF-CARE Gift Guide for Her

Thoughtful gifts for her amazon

Self-care is an integral need for every woman – whether she is aware of it or not. The act of self-care is not just limited to physical maintenance of the skin, nails, and hair. As a matter of fact, true self-care is attending to the emotional and mental well-being of oneself.

This Amazon self-care gift guide for her will include items that will cater to her physical, emotional, and mental self-care needs. For the women who have demonstrated their desire to participate in more self-care or the woman who actively does, gift her these self-care items below.

1. Gift Basket

This spa gift basket will make her feel special and cared for. Gift her an at-home retreat with this gift basket so that she can give herself some time, space, and TLC.

2. Satin Sleepwear Set

This 4-piece sleepwear satin set includes a lace lingerie set, a satin night robe, and sleep shorts. Choose a color from the available options that will most please your recipient.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Gift her easy access to a spa atmosphere in her own home with this ceramic Essential Oild Diffuser. To create a relaxing, calming, warm, loving, and cozy environment during her moments of rest and restoration. Select between 3 available sizes that will best suit your recipient.

4. Essential Oil Pack of 20

This set of essential oils can be used in various ways. They can be used in diffusers and humidifiers, when cleaning the home, and as aromatherapy. Gift this essential oil 20-pack set to your recipient to facilitate her in her self-care moments.

5. Foot Massager Machine

This gift will give them a much-needed escape at the end of a busy day of caring for others. Gift your recipient this foot massager machine that has multiple preset massage settings, heat function, and adjustable air compression. Choose from the available colors.

6. Daily Self-Care Quotes

Gift her 366 days of intentional mental and energetical self-care with this Daily Self-Care Quotes Calendar. It can be placed on an office desk or on her nightstand by her bedside. Improving thought and emotions is within reach with this gift.

7. Self-Love Workbook for Women

For the woman who is just starting her self-care journey, this will be the perfect gift. In order to practice self-care, one has to have some level of love and respect for oneself. This Self-Love Workbook for Women will help this recipient begin her self-care journey and lifestyle.

This post was an Amazon Gift Guide for Her to help you with generic gift ideas for the woman in your life who could be your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, cousin, friend, associate, or co-worker.

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