feminine journey

Feminine Journey: 5 Signs You’re Ready to Start and Live Your Best Life!

feminine journey

Do you feel like you have lost touch with yourself and no longer know who you are? This is a major, and usually the initial, sign that you are ready to embark on your feminine journey.

This is a common occurrence in many women’s lives. Our societal expectations have been set up in a way that contributes to us forgetting ourselves. But this does not have to be/remain the case.

Before we get into the 5 signs that indicate that you’re ready to start your feminine journey, we will define what a Feminine Journey actually is.

What is a Feminine Journey?

divine feminine journey

The Feminine Journey is a call from within. A call to remind you of your truth, your desires, and the original intentions of your life. This inner nudge calls the woman towards her liberation from societal, religious, and cultural expectations. These expectations have kept her dormant and disconnected from her true self.

This journey leads to personal, spiritual, and psychological growth that results in overall development and expansion throughout her life. She becomes alive again. She re-discovers herself, and now has self-awareness and a sense-of-self.

The feminine journey can involve exploring and embracing one’s unique identity, talents, and passions. It also requires confronting and overcoming obstacles such as self-doubt, fear, and societal pressures. This will lead to developing a connection to other women and to the feminine aspects of the natural world.

Overall, the FEMININE JOURNEY is a deeply personal and often transformative experience that can vary widely from person to person. It generally involves a process of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

5 Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Feminine Journey

feminine energy

Now that we know exactly what a feminine journey is, we can explore the signs that indicate you’re ready to start it. Here are the 5 common signs that would indicate that this is indeed the case.

If you’ve determined that you are indeed ready to start your feminine journey, here is a post on a step-by-step guide on how to exactly Start Your Feminine Journey.

1. You Feel Unfulfilled with Your Current Life

wounded feminine

A major sign that you’re ready to start your feminine journey is that you no longer align with how you are living your life. Particularly, if you’ve been living for and/or through others – while completely disregarding your needs, wants, and preferences.

A lot of women have suffered from “people-pleaser” syndrome for generations. This is a trait that is predominantly encouraged and celebrated throughout our societies. While it is not a bad thing to want to please others, it does become harmful when there is no balance of “pleasing oneself”. 

When one is always in a state of pleasing others, they are pulling on inner resources, energy, and time to accommodate them. This usually leaves little-to-no resources for the “people pleaser’s” own affairs.

This way of living eventually leads to burn out, and in most cases – resentment. Resentment usually occurs because you’re constantly giving from your energy bank, and it is not being replenished – either from yourself or others. This becomes draining and – if it is not resolved in time – it can lead to health issues.

When a woman have reached this point of being drained, burnt out, or resentful – she becomes aware of a need to make changes in her life. She now sees and understand that it is not a healthy way to live, and it is essentially unfulfilling.

2. You’re Open to New Experiences

feminine style

Now that you have decided to no longer live the way you have been, the desire for new experiences will emerge. You will be remembering the desires and dreams you had when you were a child. Social media may have also exposed you to many other ways to live your life.

You could also find yourself reflecting on all the things you have put on the back burner in order to have accommodated others. This reflection will have you considering to start, restart, or attempt your dreams.

You may also be craving some time alone so that you can reconnect with yourself, and remember who you truly are. Another common desire would be to travel the world and experience different cultures and ways of life.

Your inner being will be calling you towards seeking out your truth through all these ways mentioned above. At this stage, it is a clear sign that your are ready to start your feminine journey. As you are seeking new ways to create fulfillment in your life.

3. You Want to be More In Touch with Your Emotions

habits of a feminine woman

With a feeling of loss of/confusion in regards to your identity, you may be trying to figure out how it have slipped through your fingers.
“Did I ignore any red flags?”
“Was I guilted into choosing others over myself?”
“What caused me to choose to be like this?”

Maybe you’re thinking how you were conditioned/encouraged to neglect your self completely. Did this start from childhood? or when I became an adult? What are the people around me like? Do they encourage, require, or abuse this way of living?

These thoughts, or revelations, will awaken within you a new desire. This desire will be to explore your psyche, reconnect with your intuition, and honor your feelings. This will lead to wanting to read self-help books, watch self-help videos on youtube, and even consider enrolling in therapy.

All of these reactions are normal and is just a major sign that you are ready to reclaim control over your life, and start your feminine journey.

4. You’re Ready to Prioritize Self-Care

how to be more feminine

After a long time of neglecting yourself, you will want to change gears. You will now be desiring to create space for yourself so that you can explore your truth. Your health and well-being will become top priority to you – especially if this way of living have already lead to health issues for you.

You may also be wanting to rediscover what makes you feel beautiful, what makes you feel happy. What makes you feel stimulated and fulfilled. You will also be wanting to spend more time alone so that you can hear yourself clearly.

Choosing “me” will become a natural occurrence when you are being called towards starting your feminine journey. With this call to reconnect with and/or rediscover oneself, self care will be inevitable.

If you’re ready to prioritize self-care and put yourself first, it’s a sign that you’re ready to start your feminine journey.

5. You’re Curious about Your Feminine Side

dark feminine energy

The feminine within will begin to tug at your attention. It is the empowered feminine that enables us women to create a balance of energies that will lead to a fulfilling life (the divine feminine.)

There is a specific feminine energy that is the solution to someone who is ready to discard their “people-pleasing” ways. This is the energy of the dark feminine.

People-pleasing is the extreme expression of the light feminine. And so, when the light feminine is not balanced by the dark feminine it leads to a draining and unfulfilling life.

Your divine feminine within will be the voice that calls out to you. The divine feminine is the harmonious balance of both light and dark feminine energies. This will be the key to restoring self-resepct, self-value, and fulfillment to your life.

Starting your feminine journey can be a beautiful and transformative experience. By embracing your feminine energy, you’ll be able to tap into your emotions, intuition, and creativity in new ways. This will also lead to feeling more fulfilled and authentic.

This post was about the 5 Common Signs You are Ready to Start Your Feminine Journey

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