start your feminine journey

6 Step Guide to Start Your Feminine Journey and Reclaim Yourself

start your feminine journey

When you start your feminine journey, you are taking steps towards expressing and fully embracing your femininity. This will lead to a liberating and empowering experience.

If you’re reading this post, you have been feeling called to start your feminine journey. You can see the common signs that indicate that you’re ready to start your feminine journey in this blog post here.

In this blog post, we will explore 6 essential steps to take when embarking on your feminine journey.

Before we begin, here is a brief recap on what exactly is a feminine journey. This was fully discussed in the 5 SIGNS YOU’RE READY TO START AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! blog post.

What is a Feminine Journey?

divine feminine journey

FEMININE JOURNEY is a deeply personal and often transformative experience that can vary widely from person to person. It generally involves a process of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

See a more in depth definition on what a feminine journey is here.

6-Step Guide on How to Start Your Feminine Journey

how to be more feminine

This 6-step guide is a loose documentation on what is most likely to happen when you start your feminine journey. Each woman’s feminine journey is unique to her.

It can happen in a different order than what is listed below. And it can also take place with more or less of the listed steps in this blog post. This is just what I commonly see happen for most women that have found themselves on their feminine journey – whether it was deliberately done or not.

As stated before, this is a guide – which means it is not a steadfast rule. Tailor it to suit your needs. Take what helps, and leave what doesn’t. At the core of femininity is freedom, so ensure to use it when starting your feminine journey as well.

1. Awareness

feminine awareness
  • The first step to take on your feminine journey is to become more aware. Become aware of what your true beliefs are in regards to femininity. Consider what your relationship with femininity have been throughout your current lifetime.

  • Are your beliefs in regards to femininity your own, or just a consequence of what you have seen and heard throughout your life. Become aware of what is truly yours (beliefs), and what is not.

  • After you have become aware, and are clear about you beliefs associated with femininity, you will now have a new perspective on life. You will see things differently which will lead to reacting/responding differently, dreaming differently, creating differently, and dreaming differently.

  • You will no longer just “accept” what you hear or see. You will now have a mind for yourself and perceive and accept things through your own individual truth.

  • This new perspective on life will fuel your feminine journey as it supports the core of true femininity which is freedom, autonomy, and individuality. You will also become aware of your own creative power and your ability to create the life you desire to live.

  • You will become more aware of your true self, your higher self, your feminine self. And once you become aware, there is no turning back. 

2. Declutter

habits of a feminine woman
  • After you have become more aware of your truth, you will feel the urge to make changes in your reality. Here comes the declutter era.

  • You’ll declutter your life of people who don’t deserve to be in positions they have held in your life. You will want to declutter your environment to reflect your new and evolved self and needs. You’ll also want to declutter your mind of old ways of thinking that have limited and disempowered you before.

  • This is a call to make room for your new identity. To also make room for your new way of thinking, your new way of living, and your new way of presenting your self. This is where the birth of your new life occurs.

3. Remember/Relearn

rise of the feminine
  • The feminine journey is a return back home. A return back to your true, authentic feminine self. At this stage, you will be called to remember or relearn the things that you have forgotten as a result of social conditioning. 

  • Some of these things are:
    • There is strength in your soft femininity
    • Femininity has a rightful and powerful place in our societies
    • Your power as a woman lies in your femininity. Not in being like men, and/or outdoing them.
    • It is your feminine right to have an identity outside of your roles of being a mother, daughter, wife, friend.
    • There is the light feminine and the dark feminine, and they both are necessary to the fulfillment of every woman.
    • etc.

  • How you relearn and remember these things can happen in many different ways. Some common ones are:
    • Encountering/Interacting with women who have remembered/relearned their truth, and are sharing it with the world.
    • Through divine feminine/goddess books that holds a lot of beautiful information that will trigger our memory. You can see a short list of great divine feminine books here.
    • Or through your own awakening that have taken place through divine timing and divine calling.

  • This step is a very important one on the feminine journey, and will set the tone for the other steps to come. This step will also continue to fuel the “Awareness” stage on your feminine journey, and in turn will amplify it.

4. Don’t Give AF

dark feminine energy
  • Ahh! This beautiful and powerful stage determines the nature of your feminine journey. This tells if it’s an authentic one, or if you were riding a social media trend wave. Either way, the feminine journey is still your birth right – and you can change the trajectory at any moment.

  • This may take you back to the awareness stage. But if you have indeed embodied the “IDGAFness” step, you are deep into your feminine journey and this is a beautiful sign.

  • When you are on your feminine journey, you WILL be tested. Society is not used to women who have empowered their femininity. Not yet at least. And so, many don’t know how to interact with an empowered woman. Particularly those who are still in a disempowered/disconnected-from-self state.

  • This is where the IDGAFness will come into play. Your feminine journey will be challenged by those who are used to women in their disempowered state. They will disagree with you. They will call you names that are meant to disarm you. Some common names are: “bitch,” “gold-digger,” “witch,” etc.

  • Do not be moved! Do not give a f*&k! We are not living life for them. Our divine truth is not dependent on their acceptance or understanding. At this stage, you have to be in your truth and be unmovable in it. DON’T GIVE A F$%K!

5. Embody

feminine embodiment
  • At the embodiment stage, this is where you don’t have to think about it anymore. This is where you don’t have to ponder, or remind yourself of your truths or your new identity.

  • At this stage, you become your new identity. You ARE your truth. This is the IDGAFness stage amplified, as you have also embodied IDGAFness. You no longer need to think if you should give AF or not. You just don’t give AF! And that’s it!

  • This is where your newly identified femininity becomes second nature. It’s no longer an effort. It is a being. The embody stage is a sign that you are deep in your feminine journey, and have mastered it in your own way.

6. Live Happily Ever After

feminine lifestyle
  • This stage doesn’t mean that you will be completely without problems. That’s not how life works. But once you have embarked on your feminine journey, you have cultivated the tools needed to alleviate life’s pains. To ease the impact of life’s normal blows.

  • This is what I mean by “Live Happily Ever After!” At the end of your feminine journey, you will have more power over your reality than you did before.

  • It’s also important to keep in mind that the feminine journey never ends. What was discussed in this post is a guide to getting over the initial hump of going back home to your true self. After that, you will still be on your feminine journey, but it will be a smoother ride.

Starting your feminine journey is a liberating and empowering experience for the women who embark on it. At the end of it, she will have an increased sense-of-self, an empowered intuition, and a liberated mindset. Her life will increasingly reflect her innate divinity.

This was a post on the 6-Step Guide to Start Your Feminine Journey so that your can Reclaim Yourself and your Truth.

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