clothes for broad shoulders

7 Best Tops for Broad Shoulders to Create a Feminine Look

clothes for broad shoulders

Having broad shoulders can make it challenging to find tops that are both comfortable and feminine. 

However, there are several styles that can flatter and balance out your proportions. We all have different intentions with our style, and how we want our bodies to appear.

And so, In this post, there will be two lists of best feminine tops to wear if you want to emphasize your broad shoulders. 
And another list of best feminine tops to wear if you want to de-emphasize your broad shoulders so they can appear narrower.

There are many elements that will make an item of clothing exude feminine essence, so we will also explore these details.

What Makes a Top Feminine?

best style tops for broad shoulders

Elements and details that makes a top feminine will usually resemble aspects of femininity. These feminine aspects that can be seen and experienced through clothing are:

  • Flexibility
  • Softness 
  • Sensuality
  • Flowy
  • Beauty 

Now that we understand what elements to look for in a top that will make it feminine, we can explore the best feminine tops for broad shoulders.  

Here are a list of tops that carry at least one of these details for each of the styling goals for broad shoulders. 

Best Feminine Tops to Highlight/Emphasize Broad Shoulders

what to wear if you have broad shoulders

If you want to highlight your broad shoulders and rock them proudly, these tops listed below will help you do so.

These tops have feminine elements to them so that you can rock your broad shoulders while achieving a feminine look.

1. Off-the-Shoulder

2. Boat/Bateau Neck Top

off the shoulder tops
boat neck tops for ladies

Off-the-shoulder tops are sensual, flirty, and feminine.

They draw attention to the shoulder line and the decollate area, and makes them appear wider. 

This neckline rests on the outside of the shoulders making it a less restricting fit on broad shoulders.

This type of top is perfect to create a comfortable and feminine look that will emphasize your broad shoulders.

Boat neck tops have a high neckline with a suggestive neck opening that is chic and sophisticated.

This type of top adds width to the shoulder line making it appear wider than it actually is.

Its neckline covers most of the upper body with a hint to the neck. This adds an elegantly feminine flair to your look.

Best Feminine Tops to De-emphasize Broad Shoulders so they can Appear Narrower

clothes for broad shoulders female

Broad shoulders can sometimes feel like a hinderance to achieving a feminine look. But this cannot be further from the truth. Broad shoulders can be an asset to your feminine look once you know how to style it.

Below are a list of feminine tops that are flattering and comfortable on broad shoulders, and will help you to effortlessly achieve a feminine look.

3. Wrap Tops

4. Peplum Top

wrap tops for big bust
peplum top outfit
  • Wrap tops are adjustable tops that has an overlapping/adjustable fabric around the waist.

  • This feature creates a flattering V-neckline that helps elongate the neck, while the draping fabric minimizes the appearance of broad shoulders.

  • The diagonal line across the chest directs the eye away from the width of the shoulder line – hence making them appear narrower. It also accentuates or cinches the waist creating an hourglass effect.

  • This top creates and/or highlight feminine features on the body; therefore, making it a great feminine top to minimize broad shoulders.

  • Peplum tops are a fun and feminine option that cinches at the waist, and then flares out around the hip area. This effect creates a hourglass silhouette on the body. 

  • They also add volume to the hip area, which will balance out the broad shoulders making them appear to have similar width. 

  • The flare out element around the hips tends to be flowwy which can emulate water or resemble flower petals. – all of which are very feminine aspects.

5. Halter Neck Tops

  • Halter neck tops can either have two straps tied behind the neck, or the arm opening cut inwards toward the chest and the back. 

  • This silhouette is very flattering on broad shoulders, and it slims the shoulder line making it appear narrower.

  • It also has a flirtatious and sensual essence to it as it hints at the décolleté area and the center of the back.
    • Or with the two strap style, it exposes the back which gives a very sexy look. 

  • This is a very feminine top that is flattering on broad shoulders. 

6. Asymmetrical Tops

tops for broad shoulders and big arms
  • Asymmetrical necklines cuts across the shoulder line making it appear narrower.

  • This neckline is also flirty and seductive, and adds a feminine element to any top.

  • It draws attention to the décolleté area in a flattering way, but in the case for broad shoulders, it doesn’t add volume or width to the shoulder line.


7. Scoop Neck/U-Neck Tops

clothes for broad shoulders female
tops for broad shoulders and big arms
  • The Scoop and U-Neckline cuts deep into the chest, and it adds roundness to the shoulder line and softens it. 

  • Roundness is a feminine element as it represents the cyclical nature of the feminine. It is also soft and gentle as opposed to the sharpness of a square.

  • The round/curved neckline also softens the wide, and sometimes sharp, nature of broad shoulders.

  • The scoop and u-neckline is a simple, comfortable, and flattering top for broad shoulders

With these seven top styles, you can find a flattering and feminine top to suit your preferences while having broad shoulders. No matter the occasion, you can look feminine while feeling comfortable.

So, go ahead and embrace your broad shoulders and find the perfect top to suit your style!

This post was about the best tops for broad shoulders to create a feminine look.

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